12 Popular Island Destinations in Cebu

There's a lot to do in Cebu. As there are many things to discover in the main island itself, a lot more excitement awaits the curious traveler in the popular island destinations that are part and parcel of the province of Cebu. Let us explore the more popular of the 168 islands of Cebu in this article.

Mactan Island

Mactan Island is a popular weekend destination of locals in Cebu because of its abundance of beach resorts and it's proximity to Cebu City and Metro Cebu. The city government of Lapulapu City administers the island. Most of the high-end resort hotels in Cebu are located in Mactan Island.

Sinulog 2015: Hotels Along the Parade Route

The Sinulog 2015 grand parade will happen on January 18, 2015. While it is still more than two months away, it is imperative for out-of-town visitors to book their Cebu hotel accommodations early to get the best rates and to make sure they will have a place to stay when they get to Cebu. We have taken the initiative to list down the hotels and pension houses that is within a short walking distance of the parade route. Tourists would be wise to stay in these places as transportation will be almost at a standstill in the city that day.

Sinulog 2015: 6 Side Trips in Southern Cebu You Might Wanna Do

It's almost January and almost time for the country's grandest festival, Cebu's world famous Sinulog! While you are planning your trip to Cebu on the 3rd week of January 2015, here are 6 trips to Southern Cebu that you might consider as part of your itinerary.

Eat All You Can Restaurants in Cebu

Cebu has a very rich foodie culture. As a very cosmopolitan city, it has become the melting point of various cuisines not only from around the Philippines, but even encompassing the whole wide world. Cebuanos are known to be food lovers, and tourists visiting Cebu should at least try the local food scene. One way to do that is to check out the many eat all you can buffet restaurants. The premier province in the central part of the country has lots to offer in terms of eat all you can and buffet places.

Eat All You Can and Buffet Meal Offers in Cebu

Here, we present a directory of restaurants in Cebu that serve eat all you can or buffet-style meals. We intend to update this list regularly, so please feel free to message us when you know of other food places that serve eat all you can buffet meals. Last updated on 20 July 2017.

Eat all you can buffet restaurants in Cebu Philippines
Eat all you can buffet restaurants in Cebu, Philippines

Singli Mountain Resort in San Fernando

Singli Mountain Resort is a mountain resort in the mountainous interior of San Fernando town in southern Metro Cebu, Philippines. It is an art-inspired mountain resort in a very rural setting yet easily accessible through rented GT Express vehicles at the One Citilink Terminal in Cebu City. The resort may also be reached by private vehicles as the roads are passable and in good condition.

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