Singli Mountain Resort: Deep in San Fernando's Mountains

Singli Mountain Resort is a mountain resort in the mountainous interior of San Fernando town in southern Metro Cebu, Philippines. It is an art-inspired mountain resort in a very rural setting. Yet it is very easily accessible. You can rent a GT Express van at the One Citilink Terminal in Cebu City to take you to Singli. You may also reach the resort by private vehicle as the roads are passable and in good condition.

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Rooms at Singli Mountain Resort

The mountain resort has three public swimming pools: a four-feet deep island pool, a five-feet deep lap pool, and a kiddie pool. Six guest rooms are available for guests who wish to check-in. They have an exclusive guest house on top of a hill which also features a private swimming pool (J-Peak). The C-Wall Dormitory has five bunker beds and can accommodate a larger group. The G-Glass Recycled House has three queen-sized beds. To save on concrete, the G-Glass Recycled House is constructed by utilizing empty bottles as part of its design. Also available to guests are the F-Level Exclusive Room for Two, the F-Level Multi-level Native House, and the B-Bridge Native House. I once stayed at the G Glass Room.

G Glass Room at Singli Mountain Resort
G Glass Room