Pinamungajan's New Attraction: Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort

Over one weekend, I went with my family to Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort and Hidden Valley Mountain Resort at Barangay Lamac, Pinamungajan, Cebu, Philippines. We got curious about Cebu's first ever wave pool and so we went on this trip. We went there on Saturday, February 28, 2015.

We left Cebu City at a few minutes before 8 in the morning and got to the resort a few minutes before 10 o'clock. Since we were among the first few people in the resort, we were lucky enough to be briefed by the resort manager himself on what the resort had to offer. The manager, Ariel Limocon, was the son of the general manager of the Lamac Multi-Purpose Cooperative, which owns and manages the Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort. Ariel is quite an amiable fellow, a soft-spoken 6'4" giant. According to Ariel, the first wave pool resort in Cebu opened just recently last December 18, 2014 and they are already admitting lots of guests. Specially on weekends, guest numbers could swell up to 2,000. However, the resorts facilities are not too friendly for senior citizens and differently-able persons as there are no access ramps.

Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort in Pinamungajan Cebu Philippines
Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort

Facilities at Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort

Wave Pool

The main attraction as the resort name suggests is the wave pool, the first of its kind in the entire Cebu province. The wave generators creates waves of up to 2 feet. The wave generator is turned on only if there are at least 10 people in the swimming pool which is 3 to 4 feet in depth without the waves. The pool is fed by water from a spring. The wave pool will be closed at 10 p.m. for water treatment.

Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort in Pinamungajan Cebu Philippines
Wave Pool

Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort in Pinamungajan Cebu Philippines
Wide angle view of the wave pool


Various cottages are available for rent at the resort ranging from PHP 600 to PHP 1,500.


The Barkada Rooms still being constructed at the moment can accommodate 4-6 persons. The rooms which are shaped like a pumpkin, a papaya, and a watermelon were inspired by the design at Campuestohan Highlands Resort in Talisay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines where LMPC members had a familiarization and educational tour.


The open air spa is still  under construction.

Coffee Shop

The coffee shop at the entrance to the wave pool area serves Oregano coffee and blended coffee drinks.

Food Stall

Food is available for purchase at a stall manned by cooperative employees. They sell a good variety of dishes. I saw some barbecue, fried lumpia, and a lot more.

Rental and Souvenir Shop

The rental and souvenir shop at the pool area sells souvenir shirts. Items available for rent include swimming apparel and flotation devices.

Convenience Store

A convenience store at the reception area sells a variety of items such as swimming apparel, shampoo, soap, ice cream, bottled water, and candies.

Restrooms, Dressing Rooms, Shower 

The comfort rooms and dressing rooms are spacious and well-maintained. The shower is an open-air facility beside the dressing rooms.

Planned Developments

Other planned developments at the Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort are the skybike and ziplines which they plan to install in the next few years.


Entrance Fees

The entrance fee to the resort is PHP 100 for non-members of the Lamac Multi-Purpose Cooperative and PHP 75 for members. For access to both Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort and Hidden Valley Mountain Resort, the fee is PHP 150 for LMPC non-members.

Corkage Fees

Corkage fees are charged for food brought from outside. The charge is PHP 50 per menu and per volume. 1 lechon baboy is charged PHP 250 in corkage fees.

Nearby Attractions

Hidden Valley Mountain Resort

Hidden Valley Mountain Resort is the older of the two resorts owned by the Lamac Multi-Purpose Cooperative. It has operated for the past 19 years.

Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort in Pinamungajan Cebu Philippines
Lots of steps to take to get to some parts of the Hidden Valley Mountain Resort

Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort in Pinamungajan Cebu Philippines
View from Hidden Valley Mountain Resort

Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort in Pinamungajan Cebu Philippines
Seeing lots of green

Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort in Pinamungajan Cebu Philippines
Chilling in the pool

Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort in Pinamungajan Cebu Philippines
Enjoying the pool

Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort in Pinamungajan Cebu Philippines
Cousins having fun

Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort in Pinamungajan Cebu Philippines
Riding a chariot

Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort in Pinamungajan Cebu Philippines
Up and close with a dinosaur


Barangay Lamac is the site of 108 of the 118 caves identified in Pinamungajan town. The more famous of the caves is Kamangon Cave wherein one has to literally crawl to enter the cave.

Waterfalls & Springs

The twin waterfalls of Udlom and Sinungkulan are also in Barangay Lamac. There are also numerous springs in the area, many of which are commercially undeveloped. Sadly though, the Udlom Falls now only flows if it's raining in the area. The catch basin at Sinungkulan Falls also needs some attention as feedback I got mentions that there are a lot of plastic wrappers being thrown into it. The local government has to do something about it before this natural attraction will again lose its appeal due to wanton commercialism and plain disregard.

Dakung Balay

A virtual museum of folk Catholicism in the area, Dakung Balay was built in 1916.

Contact Information

The resort manager, Ariel Limocon, can be reached through mobile number +63 927 262 8117. You may also call (032) 516 2576, (032) 350 0840 or (032) 468 8025. The resort's fax number is (032) 467 8171. They may also be reached through mobile numbers 0905 776 0538 and 0930 907 5881.

How to Get There

Driving from Cebu City

From Cebu City, drive through Natalio S. Bacalso National Highway and make a right turn at the Naga-Uling Road. The Natalio S. Bacalso National Highway can also be accessed through the Lawa-an Exit of the Cebu South Coastal Road at the South Road Properties or South Reclamation Project (SRP). Travel through the Naga-Uling Road and make a left turn at the barangay road in Barangay Bunga, Toledo City, half a kilometer before the Bunga church. Barangay Lamac is 7 kilometers from that corner. Follow the signage posted in Barangay Lamac leading to Hidden Valley Mountain Resort. The Wave Pool Resort is right before Hidden Valley Mountain Resort. I must caution that the barangay road from Bunga to Lamac is kinda rough and would not suggest going there on a sedan. Sports Utility Vehicles and 4WD Off-road Vehicles would be up to the task. I was told however that the lamac Multi-Purpose Cooperative is already budgeting an amount to improve road conditions instead of just waiting for the government to do its move.

Commuting from Cebu City

When commuting from Cebu City, ride a Toledo City-bound bus or GT Express vor a Pinamungajan-bound bus or GT-Express van at the Cebu South Bus Terminal along Natalio S. Bacalso Avenue. Make sure that if you ride a GT Express van, it goes through the Naga-Uling Road and not the Transcentral Highway. Inform the conductor that you will disembark at the Bunga church. From the Bunga chuan rch, ride a habal-habal motorcycle to take you to Hidden Valley Wave Pool Resort in Barangay Lamac.

Commuting from Toledo City

Coming from Toledo City, ride a bus or GT Express van bound for Cebu City via the Naga-Uling Road and asked to be dropped at Bunga Church. Ride a habal-habal motorcycle from Bunga to Lamac.

Not Bad for its Price: Pino Restaurant Buffet

It was my uncle's birthday and we were invited to dine with the family at Pino Restaurant along Wilson Street in Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines. The place is nearby JY Square Mall and Camp Lapulapu of the Philippine Army. Pino offers a Cebuano and Filipino dinner buffet experience at PHP 399 per person. The charge already covers unlimited iced tea drink.

What We Had for Dinner

On the menu that night was Pinangat na Pechay, Pork Hamonado, Ox Tail Kare-kare, Dinuguan, Siomai, Siopao, Lechon, Chicken Relleno, Adobong Pusit, Kalderetang Karnero, Salad Greens, Binagoongang Baboy, Fresh Talaba, Bagoong Rice, and Plain Rice. On a separate tab, my uncle ordered some sweet white wine which was sold at less than PHP 300 for a bottle. They said it was imported from France. I particularly enjoyed the dinuguan and siomai. The Pork Hamonada was alright except that I think the caramel sauce was too sweet and I could still feel the sugar grains with my tongue. Although I didn't have some, dessert pieces were Maja Blanca, Biko, and some cakes. Overall, the food wasn't bad, but I wouldn't also say it was extraordinary.

Contact Information

Pino Eat All You Can Buffet in Lahug is along Wilson Street and shares a business complex with Plaza Pino and Kalderohan. For reservations and inquiries, call them at (+6332) 232 0939. We suggest to reserve ahead as the place can get packed.

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How to Get There

Coming from Ayala Center Cebu

When coming from Ayala Center Cebu, one can ride a jeepney with the route number 04M at the Ayala PUV Terminal then disembark at the jeepney stop in JY Square Mall. When at JY Square Mall, walk through Wilson Street going to the direction of Camp Lapulapu. Before you reach Camp Lapulapu, Pino is at the left side of the road, a few meters after Plaza Pino.

Alternatively, when in Ayala Center Cebu, one can also walk along either Archbishop Reyes Avenue ir Cardinal Rosales Avenue towards Gorordo Avenue and wait for a ride at the jeepney stop near the Asilo de la Milagrosa Church.  From the Asilo de la Milagrosa Church stop, ride a jeepney with route number 04C or 17C. Disembark at Wilson Street when riding 04C, the same street where Pino is located. When riding 17C, disembark at JY Square Mall then walk through Wilson Street towards Pino.

A second alternative when in Ayala Center Cebu is to walk along Escario Street towards Gorordo Avenue at a jeepney stop near Golden Peak Hotel and/or Kukuk's Nest. From there, ride any jeepney that goes through JY Square Mall (04B, 04C, 04D, 04H, 04I, 04M). Just keep in mind that Pino is walking distance from JY Square Mall.

Coming from SM City Cebu

When coming from SM City Cebu at the North Reclamation Area, ride a jeepney with route number 04L at the east wing of SM, right outside APM Mall. This route goes through Pope John Paul II Avenue in Mabolo and Kasambagan passing by Seminario Mayor de San Carlos and Carmelite Monastery. The jeepney then proceeds to Salinas Drive and passes Waterfront Cebu City Hotel, Asiatown IT Park, and University of Southern Philippines Foundation. Disembark across JY Square Mall and walk to Pino Restaurant along Wilson Street.

Coming from Colon

There are two points near Colon Street where one can take a public utility jeepney that passes nearby Pino Restaurant. One is at a jeepney stop across the University of the Visayas main campus along Jakosalem Street (04C, 17C) and the other is at Osmena Boulevard across Metro Gaisano (04B, 04D, 04H, 04I). Just the same, keep in mind that Pino is walking distance from JY Square Mall.

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Laag-laag sa Lamac, Pinamungajan

The coming weekend looks to be an exciting one as the family is planning a trip to Barangay Lamac in Pinamungajan town at the central portion of western Cebu, Philippines.  We will be leaving Cebu City on the Saturday morning of February 28, 2015 and will head back to the city before the sun goes down.

Hidden Valley Mountain Resort

It is the newly-installed wave pool at the Hidden Valley Mountain Resort that caught the fancy of my aunt. This is largely the reason why this trip is happening. So, most of the time will be spent dipping in that wave pool. 

But then again, I'm a restless wanderer whenever I chance upon a new place, so to satisfy my wanderlust, I intend to explore the areas surrounding Hidden Valley Mountain Resort. While I have been at Lamac last year, I had very limited time to do some exploring, so I hope this time, it will be worth the trip.

Twin Falls

The twin waterfalls of Sinungkulan and Udlom are also found in the mountains of Barangay Lamac. A visit here will surely be a respite from the chlorinated swimming pools in the resort.

Dakung Balay 

Built in 1916, the Dakung Balay is a museum of sorts about folk catholicism in the Philippines. This one was built by Justo Iglesia, who founded Sagrada Familia.

Exploring Caves

108 of Pinamungajan's 118 caves are found in Lamac. Well, I don't intend to explore all 108 caves on this weekend trip. Just a few caves would do, probably the ones near Sinungkulan Falls and Udlom Falls: Kamangon, Sinungkulan, and Udlom Caves.

Off to Oslob Soon

I will be off to Oslob, Cebu, Philippines for an ocular inspection trip prior to a client's training program in mid-April. The target date of my visit will be sometime in the second week of March 2015, after my business and leisure trip to Dauis and Bilar towns in Bohol province. I am also looking forward to staying again at Lagunde Beach Resort, a Norwegian-owned beach resort hotel in Barangay Lagunde, Oslob, Cebu, Philippines. 

Cebu Blogging Community to Meet on March 7th

The Cebu Blogging Community will hold it's first ever ultimate meet-up, an event that has long been anticipated by this locale's bloggers. The meet-up will happen starting at 1:00 p.m. on the 7th of March 2015 at the Diamond Suites and Residences, No. 8 Apitong corner Escario Streets, Kamputhaw, Cebu City, Philippines. Yours truly, the author of Cebu Travel Blog will be attending the said event.

Wowed at Puso Bistro and Restaurant

It was my cousin Jeff's birthday and as is customary, we headed to a buffet meal everytime anyone in the family celebrates. For Jeff's 25th, we were headed to Puso Bistro and Restaurant at Quest Hotel along Tojong Street and nearby Ayala Center Cebu. And what a pleasant surprise it was! The place was not too crowded unlike other buffet places we've been too. But then again, we went there on a Wednesday night. So maybe, the place can be packed on weekends. Don't get it wrong though, it isn't packed not because the food was not good. In fact, Puso Bistro and Restaurant is one of my new favorites now among eat-all-you-can buffet restaurants in Cebu. The food was good and the service was commendable. This is a buffet dinner I can truly recommend as it offers good value for money spent.

Cheap Eats at Manggahan

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, my brother and I chanced upon Manggahan restaurant along Wilson Street, Barangay Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines. I have been to this place several times before only for a few drinks and did not really have the chance to explore their menu. This was because the place was always packed when I go there especially on weekends. On that lazy Sunday afternoon however, I had the opportunity to savor what delights they had to offer.

What's In A Name: How Places In Cebu Got Its' Names

There is a story behind how places in Cebu got its names. In this post, we shall read about the origins of the names of places in Cebu. Let us also examine what some of the name origins meant.

Camotes Islands

Camote Crop

Camotes Islands were named after the camote root crop which grew abundantly in the islands.

Mactan Island



Alcantara, Spain

Formerly known to locals as Kogtong with reference to a fish that lived in a spring in town, Alcantara was renamed by the Spanish conquistadores as Alcantara after a place in Spain.


Alcoy, Spain


Que Alegre!


Ulo sa Kinsan

Kinsan is a type of fish that is abundant in the town. The town derives its name from ulo sa kinsan (head of the Kinsan fish).


Sali-argaw or Abgaw

The sali-argaw tree grew in abundance in Argao.


Alambijud plant


Anahaw plant


Mount Apo

Term of endearment for the elderly


Bala-as Tree


Sharp weapon


A medium-sized corn


Bogo tree




Tree and fruit


Young coconut meat


Calagasan tree 


Presence of Many Old Maids










Casay tree


Catang crab


Colawin plant 


Conalum Tree





Datu Ampang


Muddy & dirty soil






Cave or hole


Yohong Pula 

Temporary lagoon


Carpenter's tool












Town or village








Taloot tree



Oil lamp


Style of dancing



Buntod nga gatiub-ub


Principado de Asturias, Spain


Badyang Plant




Bantayan! Bantayan!



Bogo City

Bogo Tree

Garuga Floribunda



Projection towards the sea or promontory in Cebuano



The Legend of Bor and Bon

The House of Bourbon

Carcar City

Carcar, Spain

Kabkaban or Kabkad



Song, poem, tune

Birhen sa Carmen


Catmon Tree

Cebu City


Scorched earth

Sinibuayng Hingpit

Place of trading




El Pardo 




San Antonio 

Santa Cruz


Compostela, Spain


Consolacion, the governor's daughter



Cordoba means "stark nakedness and bare".

Cordoba, Spain



Abundance of sea cucumbers


Gabi Plant


Pilipog Coconut Tree


Daan bantayan

Malapascua Island

Bad Christmas


Dalakit Tree

Danao City



Du, manok tinuhog!



Lapulapu City

Datu Lapulapu




Madridejos, Toledo, Spain

Mandaue City



Medellin, Spain or Medellin, Colombia


Minglanilla, Spain


Linao means lake or bay in the Cebuano dialect.





Sumilon Island




Pilar was the wife of Seferino Borinaga's son Martin. Borinaga of Cabalian, Leyte. Seferino founded the town.





In the Waray-waray language or dialect, puro means island.



San Remigio

Remigio Multon

Talisay City

Magtalisay Trees

Toledo City

Toledo, Spain




The 168 Islands in Cebu

Did you know that the province of Cebu is composed of 168 islands? So far we have identified 97 named islands and 20 unnamed islands. That's a total of 117 islands so far.  We will keep updating this post until we can identify all the 168 islands in Cebu, Philippines. Last updated 11 July 2017.

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