Laag-laag sa Lamac, Pinamungajan

The coming weekend looks to be an exciting one as the family is planning a trip to Barangay Lamac in Pinamungajan town at the central portion of western Cebu, Philippines.  We will be leaving Cebu City on the Saturday morning of February 28, 2015 and will head back to the city before the sun goes down.

Hidden Valley Mountain Resort

It is the newly-installed wave pool at the Hidden Valley Mountain Resort that caught the fancy of my aunt. This is largely the reason why this trip is happening. So, most of the time will be spent dipping in that wave pool. 

But then again, I'm a restless wanderer whenever I chance upon a new place, so to satisfy my wanderlust, I intend to explore the areas surrounding Hidden Valley Mountain Resort. While I have been at Lamac last year, I had very limited time to do some exploring, so I hope this time, it will be worth the trip.

Twin Falls

The twin waterfalls of Sinungkulan and Udlom are also found in the mountains of Barangay Lamac. A visit here will surely be a respite from the chlorinated swimming pools in the resort.

Dakung Balay 

Built in 1916, the Dakung Balay is a museum of sorts about folk catholicism in the Philippines. This one was built by Justo Iglesia, who founded Sagrada Familia.

Exploring Caves

108 of Pinamungajan's 118 caves are found in Lamac. Well, I don't intend to explore all 108 caves on this weekend trip. Just a few caves would do, probably the ones near Sinungkulan Falls and Udlom Falls: Kamangon, Sinungkulan, and Udlom Caves.