Cebu Blogging Community: It's Not JUST All About Blogging

The Cebu Blogging Community held its first ever Ultimate Meet-up at Diamond Suites Cebu last March 7, 2015. The well-attended event was made possible through the help of generous sponsors. Diamond Suites provided for the use of the conference room and the pool deck, as well as for snacks and dinner. They were also kind enough to give the bloggers of Cebu a tour of the hotel rooms. Other sponsors were Cebu Domain, Cebu Teambuilding Services, Flawless Face and Body Clinic, and Philippine Information Agency.

Cebu Blogging Community: It's All About Blogging

For all it's worth, Cebu Blogging Community is a community of bloggers. It is all about blogging and more. The 1st CBC Ultimate Meetup was first and foremost a gathering of bloggers in Cebu who are bonded by a sense of community and camaraderie, a common goal of advancing public accountability for bloggers, and a passion for advancing and promoting blogging and citizen media as a mainstream media channel.

It's All About Blogging: CBC & Blogging Ethics

One of the highlights of the 1st CBC Ultimate Meetup was the signing of the manifesto on public accountability for bloggers. Eleanor NewMedia discussed the importance of ethics in blogging as a citizen media platform as well as gave some pointers on writing feature articles. Since everyone understood the relevance and significance of a code of ethics for bloggers, the response to the signing of the manifesto was simply overwhelming.

It's All About Blogging: Community Rules

As in any community, rules are important. CBC Rules were discussed in the meetup, the rationale for each rule explained, and opened up for discussion among those present. While there were contentious discussions on the rules, it was understood that the current rules are set up to ensure things are run smoothly. Of course, any later rule change is open for discussion with the goal of advancing CBC's interests.

It's All About Blogging: Blog & Win 

Several contests were also made available to bloggers of Cebu where they can win a free hotel stay at Diamond Suites, an unlimited BBQ dinner for 2 at Diamond Suites, and gift packs and PHP 500 vouchers from Flawless.

Cebu Blogging Community: It's Not JUST All About Blogging

More than just blogging, it is the sense of community, great camaraderie and warm friendship that well define what Cebu Blogging Community is about.

It's not JUST All About Blogging: Getting To Know CBC Members

The CBC Ultimate meetup was not just all about blogging. It was a great circumstance to get to know the people behind the blogs. Bloggers of Cebu made good use of the opportunity to get to know other members. Cebu Teambuilding Services made good use of the limited space to have participants randomly mingle with each other with an activity called world record. 

It's Not JUST All About Blogging: Raffles

More than just talks all about blogging, there were some prizes that were randomly raffled off: Flawless gift packs, Google shirts, Coca Cola USB drives.

It's Not JUST All About Blogging: Dinner and Pool Party

After an overload of information all about blogging the whole afternoon, it was time for CBC Folks to party at the pool deck of Diamond Suites. With an artist singing while strumming his acoustic guitar, dinner was served. The inviting waters of the pool will have to wait a bit after dinner. Several CBC folks also shared their musical talents, highlighting that bloggers are not just confined to skills all about blogging.

Indeed, the 1st CBC Ultimate Meetup was a great success in fostering camaraderie among bloggers of Cebu, in advancing and promoting public accountability and ethics in blogging, and in making the CBC rules well understood. I am so looking forward to the next meetup.