Golden Cowrie Restaurant: Feast All You Can in Mandaue City

Thanks to a tip from Carlo Andrew Olano of Kalami Cebu blog. I find myself eating yet again at a buffet restaurant in Cebu with my brother. Golden Cowrie's Feast All You Can costs PHP 299 for lunch. The cost for dinner is PHP 399.

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Golden Cowrie Restaurant
Golden Cowrie Restaurant

The Food


At the time we dined at Golden Cowrie, soup choices were Pork Sinigang, Mongo, and Bicol Express. The Bicol express was really good. It wasn't too spicy. It had just enough spice to tickle our taste buds. The pork sinigang was also good. Except that there was just too much fat in the pork.


The one item that caught my attention right away was baked scallops. Go easy on these though specially if you have a sensitive stomach. As far as I know, Golden Cowrie is the lowest-priced buffet restaurant in Cebu that serve baked scallops on their menu.

They also served us some complimentary Cowrie chips. It tasted like salted camote chips. They were good. They also reminded me of the cassava chips I tried at The Buzzz Cafe in Bohol.

Cowrie chips
Cowrie chips


The cucumber with onions in vinaigrette dressing at this restaurant in Cebu is to die for. Or maybe, I just love cucumber that much. Other salad options were atchara and green mango salad.

Salads at Golden Cowrie
Salads at Golden Cowrie


There weren't a lot of choices in the buffet at this restaurant. But the dishes were definitely good. Maybe because these are all familiar Filipino dishes. There was Crispy Pata and Boneless Lechon Belly. Then there was Patatim, Bam-i, Squid Adobo, Ngohiong, Lechon Manok, Garlic Shrimps, and Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet.

Baked scallops, ngohiong, and lechon manok

More entrees
Patatim and bam-i

The shrimps were overcooked. But it was still delicious. The squid adobo was good too. The Ngohiong was kind of ordinary. Some parts of the Crispy Pata weren't that crispy. But the ones that were indeed crispy was really good. And oh, the lechon belly was good too. Except for some rind that weren't too crunchy as well.


There are only a few dessert choices at Golden Cowrie. The Maja Blanca is really delicious. Biko was the only other prepared dessert item. There were also watermelon and pineapple slices.


The buffet cost already includes bottomless iced tea. Golden Cowrie is among the few buffet restaurants in Cebu that includes a bottomless beverage without extra charges.


Golden Cowrie is located along A.S. Fortuna Street in Mandaue City. It is right beside Super Metro at the place where Kaona Grill once was. Public utility jeepneys plying routes from northern Metro Cebu to Talamban pass right in front of Golden Cowrie.

When driving, Google Maps shows you the location of Golden Cowrie.

Contact Information

For reservations and inquiries, you may dial +6332 345 6860.


Rea Alducente said...

I actually had a bad experience with Golden Cowrie years ago. It was the Ayala branch though. Hehehe. But I'm still very open to trying it again especially the baked scallops.

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

Too bad you had a bad experience with them. Hopefully, that was an isolated incident. I've eaten 3 times at golden cowrie as fortuna in a span of 1 month & it has always been a pleasant experience everytime

Hannah Frej said...

Ganahan ta ko mukaon ug ingn ani but alkansi mn ko mag All-You-Can-Eat uy. gamay kaayu kog makaon. hahaha

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

At least sa golden cowrie barato ra, sa scallops pa lang sulit na, lamian pod gyud lang nga pagkaon

Flei der Maus said...

I love Golden Cowrie, their tuna fingers are my favorite! Is the feast-all-you-can offered only in A.S. Fortuna?

Anne M said...

So far my experience with Golden Cowrie in the past was pleasant. Too bad I'm not really an "eat all you can" person. Dali ra ko mabusog ug pinaspasay kaon. Haha!

Anonymous said...

Sweetie and I are not into eat-all-you-can. We would rather go for order-what-you-can-eat. hehe. But going to Golden Cowrie is worth a try, especially when you are dining out with your family, friends or a big group of people.

Janine Ella said...

I love Golden Cowrie! I've passed by this branch sa AS Fortuna and nashock ko sa ka cheap sa ila buffet! Will definitely try it soon!

Iris Pulga said...

Golden Cowrie is love! I can eat here again and again :D

Emjae Fotos said...

I have tried their Lahug ans SM branches but those are normal dining. Good to know they have a buffet on that branch which is just 10 minutes ride from home. :)

Mimi Gonzales said...

Alkansi jud ko basta eat all you can kay dali ra mabusog akong tiyan. Though I'd really want to eat more, di jud na nako madala na. Hahaha. I pass by this resto everyday on my way to school and I've been dying to have someone review about it. Thanks a lot for this!!! Might try the Golden Cowrie branch in Mandaue jud. :)

Also, have you tried Diamond Tongs' baked scallops? They offer buffet there, too, and I must say I definitely loved their baked scallops! It's cheap, too. :)

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

As far as I know, yes

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

The other Golden Cowrie branches do not serve buffet so you can enjoy the same Cowrie goodness there

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

I'd go for buffet anytime hehe

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

It's not just inexpensive, it's also well more than worth what you pay for

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

Me too, I think I ate there 4 times this past month

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

Lucky you this is very near your place

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

I haven't tried Diamond Tongs but it's definitely on my list

Jeane Louise Mainit said...

ahems..i might try dining here. hilig pa naman ko ug eat all you can! :)

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

Mag explore unya ta JL sa nga buffet restos diri Cebu!

Marie Imperial said...

The rate is very affordable. I hope this marketing strategy will work because I frequently see the AS Fortuna restaurant with little or no customers. I do agree that their food is delicious as well. ^_^

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

Dili Bitaw Jud kaayo crowded ang place but sometimes I do see a lot of people there too

Anonymous said...

Hi sir would like to know if golden cowrie is still offering buffet lunch till now? Thanks

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

hi, last time i checked, the resto was under rennovation