Feast All You Can at Pino Inasal & Kalderohan


Pino Inasal and Kalderohan opens the first eat all you can restaurant experience in southern Metro Cebu. It recently offered their Feast All You Can lunch and dinner buffet at Gaisano Fiesta Mall.

It is a stone's throw from where I reside at Palmview Village. There is no way I'm going to pass up the chance to partake on this buffet. So off I headed to Pino's eat all you can restaurant at Gaisano Fiesta Mall. It was actually by accident that I found out that Pino already serves buffet meals at this branch. I wasn't too impressed with their buffet selections at their Lahug branch. Yet I was hoping the buffet selections at their Tabunok branch will be a lot better. Lunch buffet is served from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Dinner buffet is available from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Pino Inasal and Kalderohan buffet restaurant
Pino Inasal Feast All You Can

Pino Inasal Eat All You Can Menu 

The cost of the buffet is very affordable. The price is only PHP 259. The Pino eat all you can menu at Gaisano Fiesta Mall serves Filipino favorites and their signature heritage dishes. Their marketing poster indicates that there is a salad bar, an oyster bar, a dimsum station, and a soup station. The deal also includes bottomless iced tea.

The salad bar features mixed greens and seaweeds. Dressing options for the mixed greens are Thousand Islands and vinaigrette. I noticed there is only one soup choice that varies from day to day.

the salad bar at Pino Inasal
Salad bar

The eat all you can restaurant menu features either baked oysters, fresh oysters, or baked scallops. They need to improve their baked scallops. I did not notice any dimsum dishes served. That is contrary to what was indicated in their marketing poster.

Some days they serve fried chicken, breaded fish fillet, and pinakbet. My favorite dishes are crispy pata, pork humba, and beef caldereta. They also serve chopsuey and bam-i noodles. For dessert, Pino serves maja blanca, maja ube, palitaw, and fresh fruits. Watermelon seems to be their favorite fruit.

crispy pata at Pino Inasal
Crispy pata
pork humba at Pino Inasal
Pork humba

Note: The one drawback here is that there is no comfort room within the restaurant premises. One has to use the mall comfort room at the ground floor to answer the call of nature. 

Location and Contact Information 

Pino Inasal Feast All You Can is located at the second level of Gaisano Fiesta Mall in Tabunok at Talisay City in Cebu. They can be reached at telephone number +63 32 520 1641.

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Have you tried the buffet at Pino Inasal in Talisay City, Cebu? What is your favorite item in the buffet? Let us know in the comments below.


Rea Alducente said...

Weeehh, it's just near us. I mean relatively near. Hmmm, ma try nga!! :D Thanks for sharing! :)

JL Mainit said...

nice one! next time masaag ko ug Talisay mu try ko ani :)

Flei der Maus said...

This post makes me really hungry T-T My relatives live near this mall, I'll suggest eating here the next time we decide to eat out as a family :)

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

First ever sa southern metro cebu (y)

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

I'm a sucker for pinoy cuisine, haum kaayo para nako..pangimbitar unya kung masaag ka

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

You should, sulit siya kaayo dyud

Marie Imperial said...

Wow! This is great news for the people in the south! They don't have to go to Cebu City to enjoy good food at good rates! May inasal pa!

Vernon Go said...

ohoie duol ras Minglanilla! Will definitely visit

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

Definitely a good news for people in the south!

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

Dual na gyud kaayo ni minglanilla! Good news for you

Jacinth III Suico said...

OMG!!!! #FoodPorn

Jace | laagpamore.blogspot.com

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

Hahaha! I just love food. You will see a lot of food posts in my blog.