The Cebu Yellow Submarine

Hooray for non-swimmers and not so strong swimmers who wish to explore what's underneath the surface of the sea. Thanks to the Cebu Yellow Submarine in Mactan Island, one can now explore the underwater world without getting wet. Koreans run the operations of the Cebu Yellow Submarine.

Cebu Yellow Submarine

The Cebu Yellow Submarine was designed by Germanischer Lloyds and manufactured by Fabrico Antwerp in Belgium. It has a length of 22.2 meters. a width of 3 meters, and a height of 7.2 meters. The main engine is 45 KW while the sub engine is 40 KW. The windows are made of 122 centimeter special fiberglass. 

The vessel is capable of traveling at 7 knots and can dive up to depths of 100 meters. However, maritime authorities in the Philippines only allow the tourist submarine's operations up to 40 meters underwater.

It can carry up to 100 tons of load and is designed to carry 48 passengers with a crew of 2.

Thadz with the skipper of the Cebu Yellow Submarine
Thadz with the captain

Budyong Beach Resort: A Good Place to Stay in Bantayan

In my recent business trip to Bantayan Island, my team and I chose Budyong Beach Resort for our lodging in Santa Fe. We decided to do so because it is among the cheaper options for lodging in Santa Fe and is very near the Santa Fe town center.

Features of Budyong Beach Resort

Beach and Sandbar

Among the popular hangouts at Bantayan Island is the stretch of beach at the Santa Fe poblacion. A sandbar that submerges during high tide is right across Budyong.

enjoying the beach at Budyong Beach Resort
Enjoying the beach

Biking in Bantayan: A Healthy Way To Explore The Island

Getting from one place to another in Bantayan Island can be tricky and expensive for the unknowing tourist. Most tricycles in Bantayan Island, motor or pedal-powered, charge tourists a minimum of PHP 20 to get from one point to another. For the budget traveler, this can be a strain in the wallet. On my last visit to Bantayan Island, I figured a good way to save on fares: go biking in Bantayan Island. Surplus bikes sourced from China are offered for rent at bargain prices.

Biking in Bantayan

My party of 6 facilitators traveled to Bantayan Island to facilitate a team building program for Activation Machine at Beach Placid on 19 June 2015. We chose to stay at Budyong Beach Resort since there were no more rooms still available at Beach Placid. We figured out that renting a bike would be much cheaper than to commute using pedicabs and motorized tricycles. So we rented 5 bicycles because one of our colleagues, Mia, didn't know how to ride a bike. She had to ride shotgun with Tracy. I rode my own bike and so did Clint, Jason, and Quennie. Quennie particularly enjoyed the whole biking experience as it was her first time to ride a bike on the streets. Her parents wouldn't allow her to do that in Metro Cebu.

Biking in Bantayan
Biking in Bantayan

Down and Dirty at Danasan Eco Adventure Park

After years of just hearing stories about Danasan Eco Adventure Park in Danao City, I finally had the chance to experience Danasan first-hand. A training client decided to hold their team building event there last 20 June 2015. Since I was coming straight from facilitating another team building program in Bantayan Island the day before, I could not join the group in the service van as they travel edfrom Mandaue City to Danasan.

My bus ride from Hagnaya to Danao City took an unusually long 3-hours. So I again missed the van at Danao City proper. I had no other option but to take a habal-habal motorcycle. I paid PHP 200 to get to Danasan Eco Adventure Park from the Danao City national highway. I was lucky, I hailed one with a driver that was good-natured, skilled, and familiar with the road and terrain. I was lucky too, there wasn't too much rain that day and the day before so the road wasn't dangerously slippery. The narrow road was paved with a few rough stretches and alternating uphill and downhill slopes. The 27-kilometer journey took one hour to complete. I couldn't feel my butt and legs when I disembarked from the vehicle. Thank goodness, I had a seat reserved in the resort's service vehicle on the return to Mandaue City. So along with my co-facilitator Honfred, we facilitated the team building program of iLife CMS on the afternoon of 20 June 2015. We then had the chance to explore some of Danasan Eco Adventure Park's exciting activities the next day. Here's what we did:

Danasan Eco Adventure Park
Danasan Eco Adventure Park

Coco Maldita Beach Resort Inc in Talisay City, Cebu

There are those who want to enjoy the beach but have a very limited budget. It would be nice to know that there are inexpensive resorts in an otherwise expensive resort-dotted Metro Cebu. One such inexpensive place is the Coco Maldita Resort and Swimming Pool in Biasong, Talisay City, Cebu.

Amenities at Coco Maldita Beach Resort Inc.

Swimming Pool 

Coco Maldita Resort has a good-sized swimming pool. It has depths ranging from 2 feet to 8 feet.

Function Hall

An open air function hall is available at Coco Maldita. This is good for larger groups and parties. It can be used as a party place, a karaoke joint, or for less mobile and static team building activities.


Cottages near the beach area can be rented out at Coco Maldita Resort. Sizes of cottages range from cottages that can accommodate 10 persons to a cottage that can hold up to 30 persons. The open spaces beside the cottages can also be used for group gatherings, team building games, or other activities.

cottages for rent at Coco Maldita Beach Resort Inc