Work is Taking Me to Bantayan Island

Some of the perks I enjoy as a training and development professional in Cebu is that I get to travel to places to do programs. This year alone, I have traveled several times to do programs in Bohol, Negros Occidental, and Negros Oriental. Now, before this year's summer is coming to a close, I will be heading up north to beautiful Bantayan Island to do a team building program for Activation Machine there on June 19. Although our formal engagement will only be on the 19th, we will be arriving in Bantayan Island on the 18th to meet with the client's event coordinator and give us time to make the necessary preparations for the team building activities that we will be doing. And since we will be expected to finish past 4 o'clock in the afternoon of the 19th, it means we cannot catch the last ferry out of Bantayan island back to the mainland and so we will have to stay for another night in the island in the northern part of Cebu province.

Work and Play at Bantayan Island


The reason why I'm going to Bantayan Island is to do some work. Cebu Teambuilding Services was tapped to facilitate activities and icebreakers for a conference of staffers of Activation Machine, a marketing and promotions company. The conference will be done at the Beach Placid Resort in Alice Beach, Santa Fe town, the gateway to the Bantayan Islands.

Team Bantayan

Helping me out for the team building facilitating work I'll be doing at Bantayan Island are alumni facilitator Clint Eduard Fuentes of the 21st batch of the Facilitators' Circle and current FC senior facilitators Marinella "Mia" Cabinian, Maria Patrice Charisse "Tracy" Cirunay, Jason Ernie Origenes, and Quennie Paring.


I have always been an advocate of work-life balance. Ever since, I have made it a point to have some rest and recreation after each project that I do. So since we are staying one more night in the island after the program, might as well enjoy the place.

Beach Bumming

Upon arrival in Santa Fe, we plan to stay at Budyong Beach Resort, a beachfront resort near the Santa Fe town center. While it is located at a nice beachfront location, the prices at Budyong are fairly reasonable. I have stayed here several times in the past too and have had no issues whatsoever. Right in front of the property is a sandbar separating a small lagoon from the open sea. We'd probably spend time at this beach on the afternoon of the 18th and early morning on the 20th.

Budyong Beach Resort Bantayan Island
Budyong Beach Resort


The sandbar in front of the Budyong Beach Resort is also a good spot to watch the beautiful sunset on Bantayan Island. We will be enjoying the beauty of two sunsets in the island.

Bantayan Town Center

Part of my plan is to go to Bantayan town (probably late morning of the 20th) for the following reasons:
  1. Revisit the centuries-old Saint Peters and Paul Church
  2. Visit Cebu Province's biggest and widest town plaza
  3. Shop for some dried danggit and pusit at the public market
  4. Take some snapshots of the 2 motor tricycle types used in Bantayan Island for my Tricycles in the Philippines series in my Around The Philippines Blog


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