Biking in Bantayan: A Healthy Way To Explore The Island

Getting from one place to another in Bantayan Island can be tricky and expensive for the unknowing tourist. Most tricycles in Bantayan Island, motor or pedal-powered, charge tourists a minimum of PHP 20 to get from one point to another. For the budget traveler, this can be a strain in the wallet. On my last visit to Bantayan Island, I figured a good way to save on fares: go biking in Bantayan Island. Surplus bikes sourced from China are offered for rent at bargain prices.

Biking in Bantayan

My party of 6 facilitators traveled to Bantayan Island to facilitate a team building program for Activation Machine at Beach Placid on 19 June 2015. We chose to stay at Budyong Beach Resort since there were no more rooms still available at Beach Placid. We figured out that renting a bike would be much cheaper than to commute using pedicabs and motorized tricycles. So we rented 5 bicycles because one of our colleagues, Mia, didn't know how to ride a bike. She had to ride shotgun with Tracy. I rode my own bike and so did Clint, Jason, and Quennie. Quennie particularly enjoyed the whole biking experience as it was her first time to ride a bike on the streets. Her parents wouldn't allow her to do that in Metro Cebu.

Biking in Bantayan
Biking in Bantayan

Cost of Renting a Bicycle in Bantayan Island

It does not cost much to rent a bike in Bantayan. Rental rates start at PHP 40 per hour. For a 24-hour deal, the bikes can be rented at PHP 150 per unit. They also have bargain rental rates for a week's use. We rented the bikes through the resort.

Perks of Renting a Bicycle in Bantayan Island

There are many perks of renting a bicycle in Bantayan Island. I've listed a few below:

Get Some Exercise

Biking is a low impact exercise that can target different fitness areas. It can improve cardiovascular endurance, balance, flexibility, core, and strength. It can particularly target muscles in the abdomen and lower extremities. Biking can be a total workout.

Save on Fares

As I have mentioned in the introduction of this post, renting a bicycle allows travelers to save on fares in Bantayan Island.

Breathe Some Fresh Air

The air quality in Bantayan Island is a lot better than in Metro Cebu. Biking allows one to breathe some fresh air free from the city's smog and engine fumes.

Explore Bantayan Island Freely

Bikes afford you lesser worries about budgeting extra for fares for rides that will take you to places that were not originally part of your itinerary. You can explore Bantayan Island more freely with a pedal-powered bicycle.

Have Fun

Biking is a fun activity. Biking with a group of friends is also a good bonding activity. For travelers who travel with friends, biking is an opportunity to develop better camaraderie and build deeper bonds.

Biking in Bantayan: Mia learning to ride
Mia learning to ride a bike