Free Things A Tourist Can Do in Cebu City

As the Philippines' second major city, Cebu can be a bit more expensive than many other places in the Philippines. But do you know there are things that a tourist can do for free in Cebu City, Philippines?

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1. Do a Walking Tour of Cebu City's Spanish-era District 

A good way to start exploring Cebu City is to do a walking tour of the Spanish-era district of Cebu City. Start off at Plaza Independencia where you can find other historical buildings around it such as Fort San Pedro and the Aduana Building. The Compania Maritima Building is also not far away. Proceed to the Basilica Minore del Santo Nino and around it is the old Cebu City Hall and the Magellan's Cross. Walk towards the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral where adjacent to it is Plaza Hamabar and the Cebu Cathedral Museum. Next stop will be the area around the Colon Street Obelisk at the end of the country's oldest street, Colon Street. Around the area is the Cebu Heritage Monument in the Parian Plaza, the Parian Fire Station, and the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House. Not far from the area is the Museo Pari-an sa Sugbu at the Jesuit House of 1730 and Casa Gorordo. Some of the places mentioned may require an entrance fee to get into.

CompaƱia Maritima Building in Cebu City, Philippines
CompaƱia Maritima Building in Cebu City, Philippines

6 Major Problems in Cebu

Cebu, as a major province and metropolitan area in the Philippines, has many current issues that it needs to address. Let us take a look at some of the major issues Cebu currently faces: poor sanitation, poor drainage system, bad roads, lack of traffic discipline, poor urban planning, and smoking in public.

Major Problems in Cebu

Major Problem in Cebu #1: Poor Sanitation

One serious problem that Cebu is facing is very poor sanitation. Many people in Cebu are very irresponsible with their waste disposal as you will see in the pictures below.

Resort in Cordova: Alta Cebu Village Garden Resort and Convention Center

I recently visited Alta Cebu Village Garden Resort and Conference Center in Tugbungan, Pilipog, Cordova, Cebu, Philippines. It is one of only a few resorts on mainland Cordova island. Alta Cebu was specifically designed not only for vacationers but more importantly for meetings, incentives, conferences, and events or MICE. When I first got to Alta Resort Cebu, I explored around the place to find out more about what they can offer.

Alta Village Resort and Convention Center in Cordova Cebu Philippines

It's More Than Just Tuslob Buwa at Azul Surf

To many, Azul is synonymous to tuslob buwa, the popular Cebuano street food whose main ingredient is pig's brains. But do you know that there is more to Azul than just tuslob buwa itself? It may come as a surprise to many that Azul actually serves a fusion of Filipino, Asian, and even Italian dishes. One Saturday night in July, I became witness to Azul Surf's menu coming alive. Owned by artist Ian "Yannix" Sekong, Azul Surf wishes food patrons to know that there are a lot more choices outside tuslob buwa.