It's More Than Just Tuslob Buwa at Azul Surf

To many, Azul is synonymous to tuslob buwa, the popular Cebuano street food whose main ingredient is pig's brains. But do you know that there is more to Azul than just tuslob buwa itself? It may come as a surprise to many that Azul actually serves a fusion of Filipino, Asian, and even Italian dishes. One Saturday night in July, I became witness to Azul Surf's menu coming alive. The restobar is owned by artist Ian "Yannix" Sekong of the Powerspoonz band. Azul Surf wishes food patrons to know that there are a lot more choices outside tuslob buwa. Yannix also part owns Wasted Chef.

Tuslob Buwa

No one goes to Azul Surf and not try their signature tuslob buwa. So we obliged. Fellow Cebu Blogging Community member JL Mainit and Yannix showed us how to best prepare the tuslob buwa. Tuslob buwa is a dish that originated from barangay Pasil with pig's brain as main ingredient. Then there was lard, onions, and garlic

Tuslob buwa ingredients at Azul Surf
Tuslob buwa ingredients

Pig brains and spices at Azul Surf
Pig brains and spices

Pizza and Pasta

Pizza and pasta dishes lend an Italian flavor to the Azul Surf menu. That July night, we had Pasta Carbonara, Pesto Garlic Pasta, and Seafood Pizza. All pizza orders at Azul Surf is prepared with mozarella cheese. The pasta carbonara is also a delight for cheese lovers. Their homemade garlic toast is also a hit.

Pasta carbonara at Azul Surf
Pasta carbonara

Seafood pizza at Azul Surf
Seafood pizza


Because Azul Surf already had tabletop stoves, Samgyeopsal was an easy addition to the menu. Instead of the more expensive lettuce, Azul Surf substituted the vegetable wrap with cabbage. Cabbage turns out to be more crunchy. Samgyeopsal is sold at a very affordable price of PHP 200 per set. The Samgyeopsal set comes with 2 kinds of kimchi, pork belly, 2 cups of rice, onions, and cabbage. Those who love spicy food will love the kimchi here.

Ian cooking samgyeopsal at Azul Surf
Ian cooking samgyeopsal

Surf N'Turf

Surf N' Turf is a dish that combines shrimp skewers and pork with basil. It comes along with a cup of rice. The shrimp skewers were just lovely!

Surf N'Turf at Azul Surf
Surf N'Turf


Sing-sing is an Azul Surf signature dish of sauteed chopped chicken heart. It is cooked like sisig but using chicken heart instead of pig's face. Sing-sing is actually a play of the Cebuano word kasing-kasing which translates to heart in English.

Sing-sing at Azul Surf

Pork Sisig

The sisig at Azul Surf is amazingly Filipino with a sweet blend. It's easy to fall in love with this dish.


Ramen, tempura, and sushi add a Japanese flavor to Azul Surf's menu. We ordered some California Maki and ebi tempura.

California Maki at Azul Surf
California Maki

What's in a Name: Azul Surf

Curiousity got the best of us so we had to ask why the restaurant was called Azul Surf. Yannix candidly admits that the restaurant was named Azul because along with yellow, blue was his favorite color. And the surf theme was because he himself was a frustrated surfer. In fact, part of the interior design for Azul Surf is a display of retired surfboards from Lanuza, Surigao del Sur. Yannix also did the interior design for the place. He personally supervised creation of many of the fixtures and furniture.

A funny quote at Azul Surf
A funny quote

The Azul Surf bar
The Azul Surf bar

Jethro Steals the Show

Azul Surf has a wittingly funny crew member that can crack you up. Young Jethro throws a lot of punchlines that could sometimes make patrons think twice about what they heard. Imagine walking with your lover for the first time and he shouts to her a "Welcome Back Ma'am!" even when that is your first time in the joint. Or he warns you that since there are pebbles in the restroom, there could be a beach in there. Just plain hilarious.


Its food + music + love at Azul Surf. Friday nights are dedicated to ukulele performances. Tribal music fill the airwaves on Saturdays. On the night we were there, Percs Republik was performing. They featured a very young girl as part of their act too. That caught people's attention and interest.

Location and Store Hours

Azul Surf is located at the Mango Square Mall just beside Club Hype along Mango Avenue. It isn't hard to miss. Just look out for the surf boards displayed on it's walls or the blue lighting fixtures. They open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.

You may check out Azul Surf on Facebook.

Have you tried the tuslob buwa and other items on the menu at Azul Surf? What was your favorite dish? You may share in the comments below.