Affordable Buffet at La Regatta Restaurant on Fridays

An affordable buffet is served at La Regatta Restaurant every Friday night. La Regatta is located at Alta Cebu Village Garden Resort and Convention Center in Cordova. The theme for this affordable buffet differs from time to time. We were able to experience Filipino night last 21 August 2015. Me and my co-facilitators just concluded a leadership training program for a manufacturing company at Marigondon. We decided to drop by Alta Cebu Resort to try La Regatta's affordable buffet after the program.

Filipino Night at La Regatta's Affordable Buffet

It was Filipino night on 21 August 2015 at Alta Cebu Resort's La Regatta Restaurant. To be honest though, the menu wasn't too Filipino. They did serve loads of rice, a Filipino staple. But many of the viands or entrees were not too Filipino. They had fried chicken. While it is a Filipino favorite, it is not a traditional Filipino dish. I did love their fried chicken though. I could really savor the soy flavor in its meat. Inihaw na baboy or roasted pork belly can pass up as Filipino. So can dinuguan, sinugbang isda, and their nilagang baboy. Pork menudo? It's another Pinoy favorite, but it has Hispanic origins. They also served breaded pork chops with Baguio beans in gata (coconut milk). I felt only the gata  made it Filipino. For dessert, they served buko pandan, puto cheese, and maja blanca. For the beverage, it was chilled orange juice.

fried chicken at La Regatta Restaurant
Fried chicken

Roasted pork belly at La Regatta Restaurant
Roasted pork belly

Cost of the Buffet

The cost of the Friday night themed buffet at La Regatta Restaurant is pegged at PhP 250 per person. This is a very affordable price for a dinner buffet. The La Regatta Restaurant Friday night themed buffet is also not very crowded. I probably counted less than forty diners. Most of them were guests billeted at the resort. 

For contact details of La Regatta Restaurant, please refer to Alta Resort Cebu.

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Have you tried the buffet at La Regatta Restaurant in Cordova, Cebu? What are your thoughts about it? Care to share in the comments below?


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