Finding My Dream Home in Cebu

We all look forward to finally settling down on our dream home. I am no exception. I recently came across Property24 and I am amazed at how they were able to put together the several properties for rent and for sale in one page.

Property 24 is the fastest growing property portal in the Philippines. They provide an effective online platform for leading Real Estate Developers, Agencies, and Brokers that allows them to showcase their property listings to a wider audience of qualified prospective Buyers.

As I was browsing through the #Property24PH website, I came across some really interesting property listings that come close to my dream home in Cebu, my #PerfectHome.

Santa Monica Estate, Talisay City 

#Property24 Web Reference Number: 110518748

Conveniently located at the back of the new Talisay City Hall along Fidel Bas Street in barangay Mohon, this 3-bedroom house and lot at Santa Monica Estate is very near the Cebu South Coastal Road which can give me easy access to the beautiful natural spots in southern Cebu province as well as urban Metro Cebu. Living here will make me enjoy the best of urban and rural living. 90 square meters of floor area on a 51 square meter lot works well for me. Not much to clean and enough space to live comfortably. A good deal for 2.59 million pesos.

Alberlyn South

#Property24 Web Reference Number: 110505977

I have a friend who lives at Alberlyn South and it impressed me the first time I went to visit her. Who would have thought that in a relatively developed section of Talisay City is a nice gated community. This 3-bedroom house along Rabaya Street is also a stone's throw away from the Cebu South Coastal Road. Not too near the highway, but not too far as away as well. Just a perfect place to sleep at night and a short drive away from Cebu City, Philippines. Not bad for 4.6 million pesos.


Apartment and Condominium for sale in Punta EngaƱo for ₱ 4,007,522 with web reference 110514236 - Property for sale Philippines : Property24
Amisa Private Residences

#Property24 Web Reference Number: 110514236

Mactan Island is the beach capital of Metro Cebu. And who wouldn't get thrilled living on a property right by the beach? I'm sure I am thrilled with this development called Amisa Private Residences at Punta Engano, Lapulapu City, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines. I'd love to retire here and just enjoy the pleasures of life. At just a little over 4 million pesos for a 40.89 square meter studio unit, it's not too hefty on the pocket too.

1016 Residences

3 bedroom Apartment and Condominium for sale in Ayala Center Cebu for ₱ 34,200,000 with web reference 110479529 - Property for sale Philippines : Property24
1016 Residences
#Property24 Web Reference Number: 110479529

A 34 million peso condominium unit with 3 bedrooms in the middle of Cebu Business Park makes me drool. 1016 Residences is right in the middle of everything: Shopping, banks, entertainment joints, fitness clubs, just about everything. I'd buy this when I have the money.


#Property24 Web Reference Number: 110521829

If the 1016 Residences unit is way too expensive, my alternative would be a 3-bedroom unit at Calyx Condo at IT Park in Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines. For more than half the price at 15.4 million pesos, I also get 3 bedrooms. And although not as developed as Cebu Business Park yet, IT Park is getting there and should level off in the near future. Calyx is also surrounded by lots of companies operating out of IT Park, and a unit like this could generate rental revenue as well.

Among all these selections, I drool the most for the Amisa Private Residences unit in Mactan Island as it makes me enjoy the tropical climate the most without giving up on other luxuries.