In Focus in August: Halo Restaurant's Barkada Meal Package

Cebu, is a foodie's paradise. Restaurants are in cutthroat competition to offer the best deals to diners and food junkies. In this post, we shall focus on Halo Restaurant's promotion for the month of August: the Halo Restaurant Barkada Meal Package. Priced at PhP 1,589, the Barkada Meal Package at Halo Restaurant can satisfy 4 to 6 diners. It features a tower of barbecue spare ribs tower, calamari fritos, spaghetti Alfredo, vegetable spring rolls, a pitcher of fruity minty iced tea, and 6 local beers. While you are enjoying your meal, a band will entertain you with some music too.

Halo Restaurant's Barkada Meal Package 

Barkada Meal Package at Halo Restaurant
Barkada Meal Package

Here is what you get for the PhP 1,589 Barkada Meal Package:

Barkada meal package
What you get for PhP 1,589

6 Local Beers 

Choose whether you want to have San Miguel Light Beer or the stronger Red Horse Beer.

Local beers
Red Horse Beer

Fruity Minty Iced Tea 

The fruity minty iced tea is a house blend at Halo Restaurant. It comes with slices of watermelon and cucumber as well as crushed mint leaves.

Fruity minty iced tea
Fruity minty iced tea

Spaghetti Alfredo 

For those who love Italian, enjoy the white sauce spaghetti Alfredo.

Vegetable Spring Roll, Spare Ribs Tower, Calamari Fritos

For the main course, enjoy the tower of barbecue spareribs, vegetable spring roll, and calamari fritos.

barbecue spareribs, vegetable spring roll, and calamari fritos
Barbecue spareribs, vegetable spring roll, and calamari fritos

Try the Halo Restaurant Bestsellers Too

You may also want to try these recommended dishes from Halo Restaurant: pork sisig, honey herb chicken, spicy chicken buffalo wings with hot chili sauce, pochero, and the Halo Restaurant burger.

Halo Restaurant bestsellers
Halo Restaurant bestsellers

Where is Halo Restaurant? 

Halo Restaurant is conveniently located on the second floor of St. Mark Hotel along Queens Road in Barangay Camputhaw, Cebu City, Philippines. It is in the vicinity of the Redemptorist Church. For St. Mark Hotel's location on Google Maps, please click here.

How To Get In Touch With Halo Restaurant?

Get in touch with Halo Restaurant through St. Mark Hotel. Dial their telephone numbers at +63 32 505 5555 or +63 32 520 3798. E-mail them at Visit the St. Mark Hotel website or like the St. Mark Hotel Facebook fan page.

Full disclosure note: This blog was invited to a food tasting at Halo Restaurant as part of their August 2015 Barkada Meal Package promotion. Blog owner Thadz Engaling went to that event. Rest assured, all opinions are his own and are in no way influenced.