Da Vinci's Pizza: More Than Just White Sauce Pizza

Da Vinci's Pizza is a Cebuano pizzeria that started in 2002. It has been known for it's famous white sauce pizza. Fast forward to 2015, there's more to just white sauce pizza flavors at Da Vinci's. From it's humble beginnings, Da Vinci's now serves patrons in seven branches located across Metro Cebu. They have also expanded their menu. The menu now include tomato sauce and white sauce pizza, pasta and potatoes, pizza piccolo, sandwiches, chicken meals, and breakfast bowls.

Along with several other bloggers from Cebu Blogging Community, I attended the brand relaunch of Da Vinci's at their Parkmall branch last 29 August 2015. During the well-attended event, we sampled the new items on the menu of Da Vinci's, as well as their old-time favorites. We were also briefed on the rationale for the enhanced branding effort.

New Look Da Vinci's Pizza

Da Vinci's look and feel has recently gone through a major makeover. This is especially true for branches in Parkmall, Metro Colon, Jones Avenue, and SM Consolacion. They want to project an enjoyable, family-centered vibe that feels homey yet fun as one dines at Da Vinci's.

Da Vinci's Pizza in Cebu
Da Vinci's Pizza in Cebu

Pizza Piccolo: When You Want It All 

When you want to sample different variants of Da Vinci's, get the pizza piccolo. Pizza piccolo retails at only PhP 59 pesos and are sold in boxes of three. You can load up on the different flavors that Da Vinci's has to offer with pizza piccolo. Two flavors are also exclusive only to pizza piccolo: the Chili Con Carne and Banana Nutella flavors. I haven't tried that Banana Nutella flavor yet. But that is truly an interesting one.

Da Vinci's Pizza piccolo
Pizza piccolo

Pan Gusto: A Quick Fix For People On The Go

For those who are in a hurry and want a quick meal, Da Vinci's has Pan Gusto. Pan Gusto is a sandwich meal that comes in five different flavors. These flavors are Corned Beef, Ham, Bacon, Chorizo, and Longganiza and Egg. This is also a treat for the budget-conscious. It retails from between PhP 28 to PhP 58 only. The Pan Gusto Chorizo is my personal favorite.

Pan gusto chorizo at Da Vinci's Pizza
Pan gusto chorizo

Pan gusto corned beef at Da Vinci's Pizza
Pan gusto corned beef

Pan gusto longganiza at Da Vinci's Pizza
Pan gusto longganiza

Chicken Gusto

Those who prefer chicken over pizza slices can also come to Da Vinci's. They can try the Chicken Gusto meals starting at only PhP 69 for a one-piece meal with rice and gravy. Or when you want to really load up on chicken, grab the six pieces chicken gusto that comes with potatoes and gravy at only PhP 488. Their fried chicken won't give the major chicken fast food joints a run for their money. But it's always good to have some variety on their menu.

Chicken gusto at Da Vinci's Pizza
Chicken gusto

Potato Gusto

For starters, dig in on Potato Gust. That is deep fried potato goodness that comes with 2 kinds of dips: the cheese dip and the spicy Shawarma dip. Each basket full of potato gusto retails at only PhP 78. That is definitely a good deal.

Potato gusto at Da Vinci's Pizza
Potato gusto

Pizza Of Course!

Da Vinci's is famous for it's white sauce pizza. But they also serve tomato or red sauce pizza varieties. Tomato or red sauce pizza flavors are Classic Cheese, Hawaiian Delight, Pepperoni, Tres Queso, Vegetarian Masterpiece, Buffed-up Meatballs, Meat Lovers, and Taco Cheese. White sauce pizza flavors are Bacon Deli, The Mona, Chori Perks Special, Spicy Shawarma, Bacon Mushroom Cheeseburger, Da Vinci's Masterpiece, and Roast Beef.

Spicy shawarma white sauce pizza at Da Vinci's Pizza
Spicy shawarma white sauce pizza

Da Vinci's masterpiece pizza at Da Vinci's Pizza
Masterpiece pizza

Salo-salo Together Meals

Aiming to make dining a community experience, a barkada treat, or a family affair, Da Vinci's came up with it's Salo-salo Together meals. Feed as many as 12 people for a mere PhP 1,888. Salo-salo Together meals come in sizes of Duo or Trio (serves 2 to 3 persons), Family (serves 3 to 5 persons), Barkada (serves 5 to 8 persons), and Party (serves 8 to 12 persons).


For deliveries, you may call Da Vinci's delivery hotline at +6332 268 8888. You can have the nearest Da Vinci's branch deliver your favorite meal to you. This coming September 2015, it will actually cost you less to order two pizza pies through delivery than when you dine in. Watch out for the 2 for less delivery promo soon!

A Growing Pizzeria Chain

Da Vinci's now serves patrons in seven different locations across Metro Cebu: IT Park, Jones Avenue, Marina Mall, Super Metro Colon, Parkmall, Shopwise, and SM Consolacion.

For more information about Da Vinci's, visit their Facebook page or visit their website. Their main office telephone number is +63 32 340 1492.

Have you tried the food at Da Vinci's Pizza in Cebu? What is your favorite item on their menu? You may share in the comments below.