Traffic Solutions for Cebu: Role of Public Transportation (Part 2 of 8)

Public transportation plays a major role in Cebu's traffic situation. It is sad to note that many public utility vehicle drivers and operators are chronic violators of traffic laws in Cebu's roads. This is why their cooperation and involvement in finding traffic solutions for Cebu is of paramount importance.

Unlimited BBQ at Manggahan Restaurant in Cebu City

Recently, Manggahan Restaurant at 30 Wilson Street, Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines advertised on radio that they will be offering unlimited barbecue at lunch everyday. So when I had the chance, I went there to check it out. I went on a Wednesday and just as I expected, there weren't too many people around. The restaurant opened at 10:00 a.m. and I was the first person to come in. By the time I left at around 11:30 a.m., there were only 3 other sets of customers.

Unlimited BBQ at Manggahan Restaurant in Cebu City Philippines
Manggahan Restaurant in Cebu City, Philippines

Cebu Travel Junkie Nominates Cebuano Tourist for the Liebster Award!

Surprised to know that I got nominated for the Liebster Award. The nomination came from Junee Aguelo of the Cebu Travel Junkie Blog who saw my blog through the Facebook group of Wonderful Cebu Blog. Although, I do not know Junee that much, I will graciously accept the nomination as it is an opportunity for me to connect with other bloggers as well.

Liebster award
Liebster Award

Themed Dinner Buffet at Harold's Hotel's H Cafe

After a full day's work at Mactan Island, we went on to treat ourselves with a dinner buffet at Harold's Hotel's H Cafe on a Saturday night. Saturdays are pasta and carvery night on H Cafe's nightly themed buffet offering.  I shared dinner on that Saturday night with Cebu Teambuilding Services affiliate facilitators Joyce and Ting.

H Cafe themed dinner buffet at Harold's Hotel in Cebu City Philippines
H Cafe at Harold's Hotel in Cebu City, Philippines

We Enjoyed A Seafood Meal at Lantaw SRP

When you have had too much pork, beef, or poultry to eat for the past few days, a seafood meal is a welcome break. A seafood meal was what me and my family had one hot September day at Lantaw Native Restaurant's SRP branch.

Lantaw sa SRP Native Restaurant in Cebu City Philippines
Lantaw sa SRP Native Restaurant in Cebu City, Philippines

Museo Pari-an sa Sugbu at the Jesuit House of 1730

For a more detailed information on the history of Pari-an, it is best to drop by the Museo Pari-an sa Sugbu at the Jesuit House of 1730, the oldest dated house in Cebu and the Philippines. It is a house made of cut coral stones, tugas (or molave?) hardwood floors and posts, and terracotta (tisa and red clay?) roof tiles. Curiously, the museum is located inside a warehouse owned by the Sy family. It was adjudged as the best public museum in SunStar's Best of Cebu Awards 2014.

Museo Parian sa Sugbo at the Jesuit House in Cebu City Philippines
Jesuit House in Cebu City, Philippines

Bisita sa Pari-an

The Parian district was once the center of society and culture in Old Cebu. This is where the wealthy Chinese merchants plied their trade. In fact, the name Pari-an was derived from pari-pari which means "to trade". I had a chance to relive Parian's glorious past, thanks to the program rolled out by the Cebu City Tourism Commission last September 11, 2015, the Bisita sa Parian.

Bisita sa Parian in Cebu City Philippines
Bisita sa Parian

Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House: One of the Oldest Houses in the Philippines

One of the oldest houses built in the Philippines that is still standing today is the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House in Cebu City's Pari-an District, once the center of society and culture in Old Cebu. Built in 1675, the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House will actually celebrate it's 340th year this coming October 2015. It is considered one of the oldest existing residential structures in the Philippines.

Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House in Cebu City Philippines
Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House in Cebu City, Philippines

Sugbo Mercado Weekend Market Opens September 25

Cebu's first and biggest year-round weekend market for food and lifestyle opens at Cebu IT Park on September 25, 2015. Sugbo Mercado will bring together budding new entrepreneurs in the food and lifestyle products industry to showcase their products. Sugbo Mercado will also be a venue for corporate and product launches, roadshows, food and cooking showdowns, band performances, and other promotions.

Sugbo Mercado in Cebu City, Philippines
Sugbo Mercado in Cebu City, Philippines

Wonderful Cebu Blog Takes on a 30-Day Blogging Challenge

I have been inspired to do a 30-day blogging challenge by some of our leads over at Cebu Blogging Community over casual talk at a convenience store somewhere in Banilad, Cebu City, Philippines. So I'm taking this challenge for the month of September. May target is to write at least one blog post a day at Wonderful Cebu Blog or a minimum of 30 blog posts for the month of September. This is a real challenge for me as the most number of posts I have written in a month for the Cebuano Tourist Blog was 11 articles for August 2015. In my other blogs, I wrote 14 articles in July 2014 for the Cebu Teambuilding Services official blog and 15 posts for the Around the Philippines Blog also on July 2015.

30-day blogging challenge
30-day blogging challenge

Wonderful Cebu Blog Author To Speak in USJ-R Blogging Seminar

I, Thadz Engaling, author behind the Cebuano Tourist Blog, will be one of the resource persons in a September 17, 2015 blogging seminar organized for students of the College of Information, Computer and Communications Technology of the University of San Jose-Recoletos.

Talk Topic: Blogging for Business

While I blog about travel for the fun of it, I actually also use the blogging platform as an effective and powerful online marketing tool for my business at Cebu Teambuilding Services. I will therefore be talking to the audience about how I used blogging as an effective online marketing tool, how I set up the blog, how I chose the keywords in the beginning, my article writing standards, the utilization of social media in optimizing blog reach, other free online marketing tools, and blog maintenance.

Traffic Solutions for Cebu: Pedestrian Safety (Part 1 of 8)

Cebu's traffic woes are not solely the boon of motorists. The traffic solutions that must be created for Cebu must take a holistic approach. These should involved not only motorists but other road users as well, particularly pedestrians.  In this post, let us explore how we can advance pedestrian safety in Cebu by educating ourselves about the rights and responsibilities of pedestrians, as well as educating motorists about pedestrian rights as well. Hopefully, in our own little way, we can change the mindset of motorists in Cebu regarding how they treat pedestrians and guide them to obey traffic rules and regulations in Cebu more religiously. Hopefully, motorists who read this blog will also be converted into advocates of pedestrian safety on Cebu's roads in particular and the Philippine roads in general.

Wonderful Cebu Blog Author To Join Photowalk for the First Time

Thadz Engaling, yours truly and author behind the Wonderful Cebu Blog, will be joining my very first photowalk in downtown Lilo-an town on Saturday, October 3. The invitation was through Herbert Kikoy, the walk leader, who is my fellow member at the Cebu Blogging Community.  The photowalk was organized as part of the 8th annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk.

Mega Cebu, Pwede Kaayo!

I have always been a skeptic of the rapid growth and development in Cebu not because I am against progress but more so because I was worried that it might not be sustainable and that Cebu might not be prepared enough to mitigate the potential issues that may arise from such a fast pace of development. Issues such as pollution, heavy road traffic, waste management, and a lot more.

Thankfully, there is the Mega Cebu, Pwede Kaayo initiative of the Metro Cebu Development and Coordinating Board or MCDCB. I happen to attend the 3rd Mega Cebu Month Kickoff last September 1, 2015 at the Eduardo  Aboitiz Development Studies Center. Aside from spreading awareness about the initiatives and campaigns of the MCDCB, the forum also presented to the general audience about the progress being made. And moving forward, the new Mega Cebu website was launched as well as two(2) social good campaigns: the "Limpyo Cebu, Pwede Kaayo" campaign and the "Tuman Cebu, Pwede Kaayo" campaign.

Limpyo Cebu, Pwede Kaayo 

"Limpyo Cebu, Pwede Kaayo" is a campaign appealing to Cebuanos to do their part in maintaining the cleanliness of and caring for their environment. As part of the campaign, all Cebuanos and visitors are encouraged to dedicate 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. of their Saturdays to go out of their homes, offices, and establishments to clean their surroundings. The campaign also drives awareness for proper waste disposal, waste segregation, recycling, and all the little things that will make Cebu a cleaner place.

Tuman Cebu, Pwede Kaayo

Acknowledging that road congestion and traffic discipline is one of the major issues in Cebu, the "Tuman Cebu, Pwede Kaayo" campaign focuses on advocating for better road and traffic discipline in Cebu, and particularly in following traffic rules in Cebu which is slowly falling out as a norm. During Saturdays of September, flyers will be distributed in gas stations around Metro Cebu to promote the campaign and what it stands for.

Siomai Madness: It's Not Just Another Siomai Place

Everywhere you look around in Cebu City, Philippines, you will almost always come across a place that serves siomai in their menu, a Chinese dim sum dish that has now become a Cebuano and Filipino favorite. They also serve almost the same siomai varieties, so newcomers to the business need to really be creative with their unique selling propositions. They cannot just offer what is already being offered in the market. Should they want to ride on the food crave craze generated by the siomai sa Tisa train, they have to offer something far different and memorable. Whether it be better taste, delicious sauces, more affordable prices, unique experiences, or just about anything that will make them stand out.

Siomai Madness in Cebu City, Philippines

Enter Siomai Madness. Opening it's first branch at the Southwestern University main campus in February 2015, it has now grown into four (4) branches across Cebu City, Philippines namely at Southwestern University, at B. Rodriguez Street, at the Asian College of Technology P. Del Rosario campus, and at the corner of F. Ramos Street and Ranudo Street, right across the entrance gate of the Cebu Institute of Medicine.

Siomai Madness in Cebu City Philippines
Owners Kai and Kenneth

Gibb's: Insanely Hot Chicken Wings at Streetscape

Diners vary in how hot or spicy they want their chicken wings served. Thankfully, Gibb's Hot Wings in Cebu City, Philippines offers their patrons five (5) levels of how spicy you want your chicken wings served. The 5 levels are Hot, Original, Insanely Hot, 2 Intense, and Freakin' Hot. I chanced upon the Gibb's Hot Wings branch at Streetscape along Maria Luisa Road in Banilad with a friend one weeknight and try some of what they had to offer in their menu. Hot chicken wings and pasta is what dominates the Gibb's menu. They also serve potato wedges and mozarella sticks.

Gibb's Hot Chicken Wings in Cebu City Philippines
Gibb's Hot Wings in Cebu City, Philippines

The Cebu Heritage Monument on Old Pari-an Plaza

One of the more modern reminders to Cebu's rich cultural heritage and history is the Cebu Heritage Monument built on the original Plaza Pari-an at the Pari-an district which used to be the center of trade and culture in Spanish-era Cebu. Pari-an is also Cebu's old Chinatown district where Chinese traders abound in the past. The idea for the memorial was conceptualized by Eduardo Castrillo, a multi-awarded sculptor. The monument was constructed between 1997 and 2000. The inauguration was done on December 8, 2000.

Heritage Monument in Plaza Parian Cebu City Philippines
The Heritage Monument on Plaza Pari-an

Farmers' Market Near SRP Stretches Your Household Budget

In a time where inflation diminishes the value of our money, who wouldn't want to go for deals that stretches the power of the Philippine Peso? I'm sure I would. I have been hearing about this farmers' market at the SRP Access Road near the University of Cebu - Maritime Education Training Center in Mambaling from my news feeds in Facebook and from family and friends. Many say, one can buy fruits, vegetables, and spices here at a very good price, probably the cheapest in the city. So I went there twice with my brother, once on a weekday and once on a weekend.

SRP Farmers' market in Cebu City Philippines
SRP Farmers' Market in Cebu City, Philippines