Wonderful Cebu Blog Takes on a 30-Day Blogging Challenge

I have been inspired to do a 30-day blogging challenge by some of our leads over at Cebu Blogging Community over casual talk at a convenience store somewhere in Banilad, Cebu City, Philippines. So I'm taking this challenge for the month of September. May target is to write at least one blog post a day at Wonderful Cebu Blog or a minimum of 30 blog posts for the month of September. This is a real challenge for me as the most number of posts I have written in a month for the Cebuano Tourist Blog was 11 articles for August 2015. In my other blogs, I wrote 14 articles in July 2014 for the Cebu Teambuilding Services official blog and 15 posts for the Around the Philippines Blog also on July 2015.

30-day blogging challenge
30-day blogging challenge

Rationale for Doing the 30-Day Blogging Challenge

I am doing this 30-day blogging challenge for several reasons, the major ones of which are the following:
  1. As part of my goal to reach 100 blog posts for the Cebuano Tourist Blog by the end of the year which is also a part of a bigger goal to reach 500 posts in the next two years.
  2. I want the blog to be a reliable guide to locals and visitors in Cebu. To do that, I want to write about the places of interests in Cebu as well as expand the directories located therein.
  3. I want to assimilate writing as a habit. I came across an article that says for something to become a habit, one must do it for 40 days. So it may not just be a 30-day blog challenge but I may as well extend it to a 40-day blog challenge.
  4. I want to improve my writing skills. By writing constantly during the 30-day blogging challenge, I should be a better writer after that period.

What I Intend To Write During The 30-Day Blogging Challenge

There is a wealth of material that I can write about Cebu. For this 30-day blogging challenge, I will focus my writing material on experiences and places of interest within Cebu City and Mactan Island. To aid me in my pursuit of writing material I will be doing a series of tours described below.

Commutouring in Mactan Island

A commuter tour of Mactan Island that will bring me to the Muelle Osmena wharf and lighthouse, the Birhen sa Regla Parish Church, Saint Alphonsus Catholic School, Mactan Shrine, and Pawud Spring and Cave. 

Cebu Viejo Spanish Quarters Tour

A walking heritage tour covering the old Spanish-era district of Cebu City where one can find Fort San Pedro, Plaza Independencia, the Aduana Building or Malakanyang sa Sugbu, the Compania Maritima Building, the Sugbu Chinese Heritage Museum, Magellan's Cross, Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino, the birthplace marker of Don Sergio Osmena Sr., the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, Plaza Hamabar, and the Archdiocesan Museum of Cebu.

Pari-an Vicinity Tour

A walking tour around the vicinity of old Plaza Pari-an. Areas of interest are the Pari-an Bridge over Estero de Pari-an, Calle Colon Obelisk, the Jesuit House of 1730, the Pari-an Fire Station, the Heritage of Cebu Monument, the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House, and Casa Gorordo.

Kalye Colon Noon: A Walking Tour

A walking tour of what is recognized as the country's oldest street to explore what Calle Colon was like in the past. Historical landmarks will guide me as I walk along Colon street from end to end.

Jones Avenue Tour: American-era Buildings Along Osmena Boulevard

A tour of Osmena Boulevard which was once known as Jones Avenue. The tour shall reveal before me the buildings built during the American colonization era and shortly after that. Stops will be at Abellana National School, Cebu Normal University, CAP Museum,YMCA Hostel, the Fuente Osmena Circle, Rizal Public Library and the Cebu Provincial Capitol.

Does anyone want to go with me in any of these tours during my 30-day blog challenge? Let me know in the comments section.

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