Siomai Madness: It's Not Just Another Siomai Place

Everywhere you look around in Cebu City, Philippines, you will almost always come across a place that serves siomai in their menu, a Chinese dim sum dish that has now become a Cebuano and Filipino favorite. They also serve almost the same siomai varieties, so newcomers to the business need to really be creative with their unique selling propositions. They cannot just offer what is already being offered in the market. Should they want to ride on the food crave craze generated by the siomai sa Tisa train, they have to offer something far different and memorable. Whether it be better taste, delicious sauces, more affordable prices, unique experiences, or just about anything that will make them stand out.

Siomai Madness in Cebu City, Philippines

Enter Siomai Madness. Opening it's first branch at the Southwestern University main campus in February 2015, it has now grown into four (4) branches across Cebu City, Philippines namely at Southwestern University, at B. Rodriguez Street, at the Asian College of Technology P. Del Rosario campus, and at the corner of F. Ramos Street and Ranudo Street, right across the entrance gate of the Cebu Institute of Medicine.

Siomai Madness in Cebu City Philippines
Owners Kai and Kenneth

So what is unique about the Siomai Madness dining experience in Cebu City, Philippines? Sure, they serve the common siomai varieties we find in other restaurants such as pork, beef, shark's fin, and Japanese siomai. According to Kai, part-owner with her life partner Kenneth, the secret to truly enjoying the Siomai Madness dining experience is in their addictive sauces. The sauces at Siomai Madness is addicting and delicious. These sauces are all concocted from Kenneth and Kai's home kitchen with much able help from Kenneth's childhood nanny. Mix the sweet sauce with the chili sauce and enjoy. The chili sauce in itself has a unique taste from the one's we are all used to.

Siomai and More on the Menu

Pork, beef, shark's fin, and Japanese siomai are the varieties available at Siomai Madness in Cebu City, Philippines.

Pork siomai sells at Php 24 per order of four (4) pieces and the other varieties (beef, Japanese, and sharksfin varieties) sell for PhP 28 for every four (4) pieces order. These prices are very affordable for the students and young urban professionals (yuppies), the target market segment Siomai Madness aims to capture. 

Patrons can also choose to buy just the plain steamed variety or opt to have their siomai orders deep fried. Siomai Madness' bestseller is the deep fried shark's fin siomai, according to Kai. That's probably because of it's exotic appeal. Well, of course, some folks frown upon this and I know some whose advocacy is against eating any form of shark meat.

Siomai Madness in Cebu City Philippines
Deep fried Sharks fin siomai with chili sauce

Aside from a varied selection of different siomai flavors, Siomai Madness also serves other items on the menu such as Virginia brand hotdogs, tempura, squid balls, squid rolls, and cheese tofu. These are common Cebuano or Filipino street food items. Cheese tofu was something new to me, and the cheese on it did make the tofu more enjoyable, specially for me who is not a very big fan of tofu.

Siomai Madness in Cebu City Philippines
Tempura in sweet and sour sauce

Virginia brand hotdogs sells at PhP 14 per piece. A single order of tempura with three (3) pieces costs PhP 10. Squid balls and squid rolls sells at PhP 18 per order of three (3) pieces. The cheese tofu sells at PhP 27 per stick. Each stick of cheese tofu contains three (3) bite size cubes.

Siomai Madness in Cebu City Philippines
Deep fried cheese tofu

Of course, there is no way to forget about rice as that is a must for restaurants in the Philippines. Puso or hanging rice is sold at PhP 3 per piece. As for beverages, an 8-ounce buko juice drink is sold at PhP 10. Buko juice is also available at 13 ounces and sells at PhP 15. 500 ml bottled water is sold at PhP 10 apiece.

Siomai Madness is another treat for siomai lovers. So let me invite all of you siomai-obsessed diners out there to try Siomai Madness and tell us how much you love the experience. Let us know in the comments section below.

Note: This post is sponsored by Siomai Madness. In exchange for this blog post and review, the author was invited to a food tasting session at their F. Ramos branch in Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines. All opinions stated here are solely of the author and not influenced in any way.