Themed Dinner Buffet at Harold's Hotel's H Cafe

After a full day's work at Mactan Island, we went on to treat ourselves with a dinner buffet. We went to Harold's Hotel's H Cafe on a Saturday night. Saturdays are pasta and carvery night on H Cafe's nightly themed buffet offering. I shared dinner on that Saturday night with Joyce and Ting.

Themed Dinner Buffet at H Cafe 

H Cafe at Harold's Hotel offers a themed nightly eat all you can dinner buffet in Cebu City. Wednesday and Saturday nights are pasta and carvery nights. A selection of food rolls such as beef shawarma and roasted pork loin is available on Thursday nights. Hot Off-the-grill BBQ buffet welcomes diners on Friday nights.

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Pasta and Carvery Night

I'm not really big on pasta. But those who love Italian food will have a great treat waiting for them at H Cafe on Wednesday and Saturday nights. you can enjoy their pasta selection includes Fettuccine, Penne, spaghetti, and macaroni. They can go with carbonara, Alfredo, Bolognese, Pomodoro, and Pesto sauces.

Now the carvery section is a different story for me. It features Harold's special lechon belly, Angus beef, and roasted chicken. I just love meat! I kept coming back for the lechon belly. I did not enjoy the roasted chicken and Angus beef as much.

Roasted Angus beef at H Cafe
Roasted Angus beef

Roasted chicken at H Cafe
Roasted chicken

Several other dishes were also available such as chicken gumbo, fish fillet with remoulade tartar sauce, fried wanton, chao pat chin, and baked potatoes. I tried some of those. I loved the fish fillet and the fried wantons.

Chao pat chin and baked potatoes at H Cafe
Chao pat chin and baked potatoes

Fish fillet at H Cafe
Fish fillet

Fried wanton at H Cafe
Fried wanton

They also have a salad bar, a sushi bar, and a generous serving of desserts available. I feasted mostly on the chocolate cake. There is also a variety of fruits. I did not have a single serving of fruit.

Cakes at H Cafe

Fruits at H Cafe

Location and Contact Information

H Cafe is located at the ground floor of Harold's Hotel on Gorordo Avenue corner Rosal Street, barangay Kamputhaw, Cebu City. For reservations, you may dial +6332 505 7777.

Have you tried the buffet at H Cafe at the Harold's Hotel in Cebu City? What is your favorite buffet theme? Care to share in the comments below?