We Enjoyed A Seafood Meal at Lantaw Native Restaurant

We have had too much pork, beef, or poultry to eat for the past few days. So a seafood meal is a welcome break. A seafood meal was what me and my family had one hot September day at Lantaw Native Restaurant SRP.

Seafood Dishes at Lantaw Native Restaurant

There's a lot of seafood dishes available on the menu of Lantaw Native Restaurant. We ordered garlic buttered prawns, calamares, sinuglaw, seafood pinakbet, grilled tuna belly, and Cordova express. We also ordered a platter each of plain rice and garlic rice. For our drinks, we had a pitcher each of Cordova cooler and SRP cooler.

Garlic Buttered Prawns 

I am a sucker for prawns in any way it is cooked. I enjoyed the garlic buttered prawns at Lantaw Native Restaurant. The size is not too big. But it is rich in flavor. I enjoyed every bite of it. They also peeled off the shell on the meaty part. That made it an easy dish to eat as well.

Garlic butter prawns at Lantaw Native Restaurant
Garlic butter prawns


Calamares is one of my favorites too! Well, a lot of seafood dishes actually count among my favorites. The flavor of Lantaw's version of the calamares is not that bad. However, I must say that I'm not a fan of how they put breadcrumbs on it. I also hope for better consistency. They have to cook this dish in slow fire or low heat so it does not get too gummy.

Calamares at Lantaw Native Restaurant


Lantaw's sinuglaw is a fish ceviche mixed with grilled pork belly. Sinuglaw is a word play of Cebuano terms: sinugbang baboy + kinilaw. Sinugbang baboy literally means grilled pork. Kinilaw means food prepared to be eaten raw. In this case, it uses tangigue fish. The flavors blend well. It's not too sour. It's a little sweet with a hint of salty from the grilled pork. Should you want a more sour taste, sprinkle in the juice from the calamansi.

Sinuglaw at Lantaw Native Restaurant

Seafood Pinakbet 

Lantaw's twist on this Ilocano dish is to add seafood to the usual pork slices. This rich vegetable dish has shrimps and squid. It also has onions, garlic, string beans, ampalaya (bitter gourd), okra (gumbo), tomatoes, kalabasa (winter squash), and eggplants.

Seafood pinakbet at Lantaw Native Restaurant
Seafood pinakbet

Grilled Tuna Belly 

Grilled tuna belly with a hint of sweet glaze is served with atchara or pickled papaya. One serving is good for about 2-3 persons. Tuna is among my favorite fish for grilling.

Grilled tuna belly at Lantaw Native Restaurant
Grilled tuna belly

Cordova Express

Cordova Express is Lantaw Native Restaurant's signature dish. It is similar to Bicol express. But it is less spicy. The dish also uses seafood instead of pork. It is also cooked with coconut meat and served in a coconut shell. I always enjoy this treat every time I dine at Lantaw.

Cordova express at Lantaw Native Restaurant
Cordova express


Lantaw Native Restaurant's SRP branch is an open air restaurant. Diners can enjoy the sea breeze. It features both roofed dining spaces and alfresco dining. On a clear weather day, Cordova Island is seen from across the Mactan Channel.

Location and Contact Information

Lantaw Native Restaurant SRP branch is located at Il Corso along the Cebu South Coastal Road on the South Road Properties. For the exact location on Google Maps, please CLICK HERE. For reservations, dial in +63 943 363 1862, +63 908 624 8711, +63 927 576 8711,  or +63 32 512 7745. You may also visit their Facebook page.

Lantaw Native Restaurant
Lantaw Native Restaurant

Other branches of Lantaw Native Restaurant are located at:

  • Busay in Cebu City (Between Temple of Leah and Mountain View Nature Park)
  • Day-as Boardwalk in Cordova
Have you tried the seafood dishes at Lantaw Native Restaurant in Cebu City? What is your favorite item on their menu? You may share in the comments below.