Mega Cebu, Pwede Kaayo!

I have always been a skeptic of the rapid growth and development in Cebu not because I am against progress but more so because I was worried that it might not be sustainable and that Cebu might not be prepared enough to mitigate the potential issues that may arise from such a fast pace of development. Issues such as pollution, heavy road traffic, waste management, and a lot more.

Thankfully, there is the Mega Cebu, Pwede Kaayo initiative of the Metro Cebu Development and Coordinating Board or MCDCB. I happen to attend the 3rd Mega Cebu Month Kickoff last September 1, 2015 at the Eduardo  Aboitiz Development Studies Center. Aside from spreading awareness about the initiatives and campaigns of the MCDCB, the forum also presented to the general audience about the progress being made. And moving forward, the new Mega Cebu website was launched as well as two(2) social good campaigns: the "Limpyo Cebu, Pwede Kaayo" campaign and the "Tuman Cebu, Pwede Kaayo" campaign.

Limpyo Cebu, Pwede Kaayo 

"Limpyo Cebu, Pwede Kaayo" is a campaign appealing to Cebuanos to do their part in maintaining the cleanliness of and caring for their environment. As part of the campaign, all Cebuanos and visitors are encouraged to dedicate 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. of their Saturdays to go out of their homes, offices, and establishments to clean their surroundings. The campaign also drives awareness for proper waste disposal, waste segregation, recycling, and all the little things that will make Cebu a cleaner place.

Tuman Cebu, Pwede Kaayo

Acknowledging that road congestion and traffic discipline is one of the major issues in Cebu, the "Tuman Cebu, Pwede Kaayo" campaign focuses on advocating for better road and traffic discipline in Cebu, and particularly in following traffic rules in Cebu which is slowly falling out as a norm. During Saturdays of September, flyers will be distributed in gas stations around Metro Cebu to promote the campaign and what it stands for.