Museo Parian sa Sugbu at the Jesuit House of 1730

For a more detailed information on the history of Parian, it is best to drop by the Museo Parian sa Sugbo. It is located at the Jesuit House of 1730. The Jesuit House is the oldest dated house in Cebu and the Philippines. It is a house made of cut coral stones, tugas (or molave?) hardwood floors and posts, and terracotta (tisa and red clay?) roof tiles. Curiously, the museum is located inside a warehouse owned by the Sy family. It was adjudged as the best public museum in SunStar's Best of Cebu Awards 2014.

Location of Museo Parian sa Sugbo

The Jesuit House of 1730 is located at a warehouse on Zulueta Street, Parian district, Cebu City. It is around the vicinity of the Heritage of Cebu Monument on old Plaza Parian. It is walking distance from the Calle Colon Obelisk, the Parian Fire Station, the Parian Police Station, and the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House. For Google Maps users, please CLICK HERE.

Museo Parian sa Sugbo at the Jesuit House of 1730
Jesuit House of 1730


Sugbu Gallery 

The first gallery that one will come across upon entering the Museo Parian sa Sugbo is the Sugbu Gallery. It is an informational gallery on the ecclesiastical history of Parian. It also displays a scale model of what Parian district used to look like in he past.

Padre Chirino, S.J. Gallery 

Another gallery in the museum is the Padre Chirino, S.J. Gallery. The gallery houses a display of general Jesuit history and more particularly, Jesuit history in the Far East. Also displayed in the Padre Chirino, S.J. Gallery are Chinese artifacts. These include coins, pottery, and other antiques dug under the house.

Chinese earthenware at the Museo Parian sa Sugbo
Chinese earthenware

Also among the display in this gallery is "Ang Bisaya". It is an artwork sculpted by Justino "Paloy" Cagayat of Paete, Laguna. The art piece is made with batikuling wood with natural varnish. The concept was from Fr. Rene B. Javellana, S.J.

Ang Bisaya sculpture at the Museo Parian sa Sugbo
Ang Bisaya

Second Floor 

Año 1730 can be found etched among the walls of the second floor.

1730 Etched on the walls of Museo Parian sa Sugbo
1730 etched on a wall at The Jesuit House

The second floor displays old items from the 19th century onward. Among these vintage items are cameras, electric fans, a television set, cash registers, furniture, phonographs, telephones, and a jukebox.

Jukebox at the Museo Parian sa Sugbo

old cash register at the Museo Parian sa Sugbo
Old cash register

Old telephone at the Museo Parian sa Sugbo
Old telephone

Old gramophone at the Museo Parian sa Sugbo
Old gramophone

Tile Roof

The roof tiles are also of special interest. At present however, the terracotta roof is still being studied. A ladder leading to the roof of the house is found near the staircase leading to the second floor. I visited the place at night so I wasn't able to see this part.

Have you visited the Museo Parian sa Sugbo at the Jesuit House of 1730 in Cebu City? What antique items captured your attention? Care to share them in the comments below?


Jaz said...

Sir Thadz, did you pay any entrance fee diri?

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

50 pesos ang admission fee.

Hanna Frejoles said...

Wala pa jud ko nakasulod diri ay. Will try to clear my scheduule one of these days.

Alyssa Panghulan said...

I wonder if that old Jukebox still works xD

Cheryl F said...

Sige lang ko labay2 ngari but never had the chance to see what's really inside. But will definitely visit there.

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

Gituyo gyud nako ni og adto kadtong naay event ang cebu city tourism commission. First visit sad nako ni

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

It was plugged when I saw it but I was too scared to touch it, it might break lol

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

If you are fascinated with vintage stuff and history, you will enjoy a visit here.

Hoven Andre Encontro said...

Will visit this place soon :)

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

I hope you enjoy it

Carlo Andrew Olano said...

It is really nice to visit there. I always like visiting museums, but the problem here in the Philippines is that museums are not really big attractions. Some museums do not even have a proper parking space or it is very hard to find. I hope the LGU will put proper markings and include it in their marketing for tourism.

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

I feel you. But it's actually better to do a walking tour in Cebu's Old Spanish Quarters starting from Fort San Pedro to sto Niño to cathedral to colon to parian and as far as muse sugbu

Mimi Gonzales said...

I'm such a huge history buff but I haven't been into this place. I think it's because I don't know how to go there from Lapu-Lapu City? Haha it has long been in my bucket list for months now!

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

As long as you get to Parian, its just a walking distance. Probably take a 21D jeepney from Mandaue, then disembark near cathedral and walk towards parian

Katherine Anne Cutar said...

I honestly think nga super cool jud ang mga antique pieces! Nice!

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

There's actually a lot more vintage stuff at this place that I no longer snapped a photo of.