Traffic Solutions for Cebu: Role of Public Transportation (Part 2 of 8)

Public transportation plays a major role in Cebu's traffic situation. It is sad to note that many public utility vehicle drivers and operators are chronic violators of traffic laws in Cebu's roads. This is why their cooperation and involvement in finding traffic solutions for Cebu is of paramount importance.

How the Public Transportation Sector Can Help Ease Traffic in Cebu, Philippines

Not just for the sheer volume of people relying on public transportation to move around the Cebu metropolis, public utility vehicle drivers and operators also have the added responsibility of making sure that their passengers get to their destinations not just fast but also safe. Here are a few things the public transportation sector can do or not do to help ease traffic in Metro Cebu:

  1. Stop only on designated stops and not just load or unload passengers anywhere they wish.
  2. When stopping to load or unload passengers, come to a full stop and make sure the public utility vehicle is not obstructing the road for other motor vehicles.
  3. Unless in a terminal, do not stop for an extended length of time at designated stops longer than the intended purpose of loading or unloading passengers.
  4. Follow only designated route of your public utility vehicle. This is an appeal to fixed route public utility vehicles such as public utility jeepneys and buses.
  5. Obey traffic rules and regulations even when there are no traffic law enforcement personnel around. 
  6. Do not load beyond the capacity of passengers a public utility vehicle is allowed to convey.