30 Thank You Notes From Wonderful Cebu

I have a lot to be thankful for. My life may not be the smoothest ride of all, but it is awesome just being the roller coaster that it is. So let me dedicate this post to express my gratitude to people, communities, and businesses who have helped shaped the man I am today. I also would like to particularly thank all who have been instrumental to the success of this blog.

Wonderful Cebu says thank you
30 Thank You's

My 30 Thank You's

1. My Parents 

On top of the list of people that I'm grateful to are my parents. I wouldn't be here if not for their love. While we may not have the sweetest of relationships, I wouldn't trade them for a different set of parents. For everything, thank you mom and pops and stay awesome!

2. My Siblings 

We are a big family. I have 5 siblings, 2 sisters and 3 brothers. We were all close-knit as we grew up together as children. There are no wide age gaps so that helps to make it fun. It was rough at times, but that just makes it all the more sweeter. So to my brothers Nathan, John, and Janus and my sisters Martha and Merlou, thanks for being such great siblings!

3. My Awesome Travel Buddy Kins 

We are a family of wanderlusts! And I couldn't be thankful enough that I have awesome cousins as my frequent travel buddies. Thank you specially to Jonathan, Kate, and Jeff for keeping the wanderlust spirit in the clan alive!

Campolabo sandbar in Pinamungajan, Cebu, Philippines
Cousins at Campolabo sandbar in Pinamungajan, Cebu, Philippines

4. Dr. Glenn Glarino

For all his imperfections and misgivings, I look up to Chief as a friend and mentor. He is someone who has been through a lot in life. Scarred, still fighting, and a beautiful person. He inspires not just me but a lot of his former students as well. Dr. Glenn Glarino is now chairperson of the USC Psychology Department and still continuing his legacy of bringing out the best in his students. Daghang salamat, Chief!

5. Dr. Vittorio Simonelli 

Our visibility on social media and the web allowed us to connect with Italian team building guru Dr. Vittorio Simonelli of Imagine Art in Learning Italy. Signore Vittorio has traveled the world implementing training modules for a lot of organizations. Vittorio uses drumstorming as a team building medium. I am grateful that he will share his knowledge and expertise for a free seminar we will be doing in December.

Cebu Teambuilding Services with Vittorio Simonelli
Our first meetup with Signore Vittorio in 2012

Here is information about that upcoming seminar: Cebu Teambuilding Services to Hold Free Seminar in December

6. Jewel Delgado 

I am humbled to have worked alongside Cebu's 2014 best photoblogger. Jewel Delgado of Jewel Clicks acceded to our request to cover Cebu Teambuilding Services' first ever foreign-based engagement last April 2015 at the Best Western Sandbar Resort in Cordova, Cebu, Philippines. The event was a team building program and complimentary tours for China-based Quality Schools International Shenzen. Thank you Jewel for helping us document that important event and blogging about it.

Here is the link to Jewel's blog about that experience: Cebu Teambuilding Services

7. The Psych Boys 

I would have gone crazy with all the academic requirements in college if not for a crazy bunch of fellows who made it a lot easier to go through the rigors of college life. Thank you to all the tagay moments, the school pranks, the talk about girls, and whatever else we shared in the past. Kinabuhing psych boy, buutan gamay, bugoy kanunay! Puslan mang way gamahal, beer pa day!

On a more serious note, you guys rock, I miss you all, hope to see you all again soon, and a great deal of thanks!

8. All My Former Students 

It is always a joy to see a lot of former students living successful lives. Some of you have even become such great buddies of mine. Thank you for allowing me to experience that kind of a joy.

9. University of San Jose-Recoletos

I am influenced largely by the values instilled on me as a high school student at San Jose. Thank you to all my high school teachers for being great second parents, thank you to all administrators who made the experience wonderful, and thank you to all my classmates and schoolmates for sharing in the experience.

10. University of San Carlos 

While (USJ-R) instilled strict morals on me, the more liberated approach at the University of San Carlos allowed me to question some of my personal beliefs and values so that I am able to assimilate the good, practical, and the values relevant to the times. Thank you for that, and best of all, thank you for the education and the degree.

11. Cebu Normal University 

I may not have completed my graduate degree, but despite that, my time as a student at CNU has still taught me a lot of life lessons that I will forever cherish. Thank you to my awesome professors at CNU. 

12. University of Cebu 

The University of Cebu is where I started with my career. UC was my first employer, where I was a guidance counselor for almost three (3) years. I am thankful to UC for giving me that much needed start.

13. University of the Philippines Cebu 

My longest employment stint was at the University of the Philippines Cebu from 2005 to 2012. The time there taught me a lot in life. From dealing with different kinds of personalities, to juggling so many tasks at once, to having a wider perspective, and a lot more, thank you UP!

14. Cebu Teambuilding Services 

To my team at Cebu Teambuilding Services, thank you. The organization is successful largely because of you. Thank you for believing in the vision and may you continue to help us move teams forward. It is great to know we have an awesome team at Cebu Teambuilding Services. Find out more about them here: Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators: Manpower Profile.

15. Facilitators' Circle 

The Facilitators' Circle was a fantastic breeding ground for would-be facilitators. I would say it is where I started my career as a training facilitator. The good thing about FC is that they trained me with the basics of facilitating, then provided enough balance of frustration and support to mold me into a very good facilitator. FC also taught me to love myself, view the world in a positive manner, and allow my human spirit to triumph despite all hardships I encounter.

Over the years, I try to give back to FC by making myself available at times to train the younger batches. Yet still, it is still giving me more by providing me and Cebu Teambuilding Services with quality facilitators to assist during our training runs. For that, I am forever grateful.

Special thanks to the batches that were closest to my heart: the 7th circle who trained us, the 8th circle which I belong to, the 12th circle, and the 21st circle. Shoutout goes to Orville, Jai, Jean, Ann, Gerard, Gay, Manuel, Marty, Ringo, and Chikents of the 8th, Natnat of the 18th, Ricababy of the 19th, Dave of the 7th, Bessie of the 12th, Kevin, Clint, RZD, Magz, Tipay, Leslie, and Joy of the 21st, and the current senior facilitators of the 23rd!

16. Cebu Blogging Community 

I found family at Cebu Blogging Community (CBC). When I almost gave up on blogging, I found home at CBC. The leads were simply awesome. I have known Bjorn and Ruben to be awesome people from before, but the new leads I met are just as awesome. Props to Mary, Gay, Channel, Jeph, and Jhanis! You make CBC rock! And for that THANK YOU!

There's a lot I can be thankful for with CBC. For one, it provided me a community that shares a passion for writing and sharing my thoughts to the world. 

Cebu Blogging Community members orientation
CBC members' orientation

17. Boy Scouts of the Philippines 

My experience as a boy scout in my boyhood years has helped me to be creative, full of initiative, and stubborn in the face of adversity. It has also allowed me to travel a lot as a kid. So thank you Boy Scouts of the Philippines!

18. Philam Life Insurance Company 

I learned a lot at Philam Life in my one year stint as a financial adviser there. Things that I wished I have known when I was younger. It also gave me the confidence that I can excel in the sales profession. So to Ma'am Tess, Ma'am Espie, Nardz, and all my leaders during my short stint there, thank you for the life lessons and valuable experiences.

19. Maxicare Healthcare Corporation 

Who would have thought that I would get this far in sales? I'm now agency unit head at Maxicare Healthcare Corporation. Thank you for believing in me Thirdy and Ma'am Weng! Thank you to to my awesome team led by agency unit manager Timmy!

20. Yoyi's Pastries and Desserts 

Well, I won in Yoyi's anniversary giveaway. Many thanks to that and to two more boxes of sweet goodies in November and December. Thank you too for sponsoring CBC's anniversary party last July.

Yoyi's Pastries and Desserts in Cebu City, Philippines
My first box of Yoyi's goodies!

21. Apple 

Apple has made my blogging endeavors a lot easier. Thanks to a powerful iPhone camera and now I'm also using a MacBook. Thank you Apple!

22. Facebook 

The world will never be the same again without Facebook. It has helped us become more sociable online, makes exchange of information easier, and helps us get connected with important people who are half a world apart. Thank you Mark Z and Facebook!

23. Google 

What will I do without the Big G? What I know is there are a lot of things I can't do without it. I use blogger as the platform I blog on, watch a lot of YouTube videos, utilize Gmail for my email, upload my files on GDrive, syndicate through G+, use Picasa for my photos, have Chrome as my favorite browser, earn some through Adsense, sort out keywords through Adwords, and the list goes on and on and on. Gratis to Google for a lot of these tools.

24. 30-day Blogging Challenge Participants 

Kudos to Channel, Carlo, Melanie, Emjae, and Romeo for sticking out this far. You guys push me! Your determination to complete the CBC 30-day blogging challenge is inspiration enough for me to keep on with the challenge specially at times when I feel like giving up. Thanks a bunch and I look forward to having a great time with you in Siquijor!

25. Canva

I am amazed at being introduced to Canva through the CBC 30-day blogging challenge. I now find it easier to create photos for my blog posts. Thank you Canva!

26.  Photobucket

I have been using Photobucket to store some of my photos. The huge free storage space it offers is just relief for bloggers like me who like to post photos at online fora as well. Thank you Photobucket!

27. Dakak Park and Beach Resort 

I was surprised that Dakak Beach Resort and Park included me in their familiarization tour last December 2013. It did feel odd that I was among travel agency operators during that time, but I guess they were also promoting the resort as a team building destination. Thank you through Miss Maritoni and Miss Lana for inviting me over to Dapitan City.

28. Cebu 

I can call myself a local in Cebu. I may not be true blue Cebuano, but the number of years I have spent here qualifies me as an adopted son of Cebu. Cebu has been good to me and I found home here. To all who make my stay in Cebu a blast, thank you!

29. Siocon 

The best childhood memories I can remember are from my growing up years in the southern coastal town of Siocon in Zamboanga del Norte province of the Zamboanga Peninsula Region of the Philippines (Region 9 and formerly Westerm Mindanao Region or Region 9-A). It was scary at times because of the volatile peace and order situation, being as it is has made me become more aware, conscious, and mindful of the here and now. Thank you Siocon!

30. Myself

This is not narcissism, but I feel that I am also worthy of my own gratitude. Thank you self for hanging in there, rolling with the punches, and staying stubborn. There seems to be nothing life throws at you that you can't handle. And for that thank you for being awesome!

There's a lot more I can be thankful for that I have not mentioned here. But to all that has made an impact in my life, big or small, know that I am grateful.

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