Cebuano Tourist Is Now The Wonderful Cebu Blog!

Do you miss the Cebuano Tourist Blog? Don't fret and worry at all. The Cebuano Tourist blog has only rebranded and is now known as the Wonderful Cebu blog. The reasons for the updated branding of the blog are listed below.

Wonderful Cebu

Reasons for Rebranding

Domain Name Purchase

For the longest time, the Cebuano Tourist blog has been hosted on the free platform of Blogger or Blogspot. We recently purchased a domain name from godaddy. The domain name we bought is We were lucky to still have this domain name available when we made our purchase and we are happy nobody bought this to flip it later on to interested buyers. That being said, we find it imperative to rebrand the blog to become the Wonderful Cebu blog to reflect the new domain name that we will be using.

Better Appeal to Intended Blog Audience 

The blog targets Cebu locals as well as visitors to Cebu who are hungry for information about the places of interests around Cebu, hotels and resorts in Cebu, interesting things to do in Cebu, and restaurants in Cebu. The previous blog title of Cebuano Tourist blog does not really appeal that well with the intended blog audience. Wonderful Cebu should do a better job for a blog promoting Cebu to tourists and locals alike.

SEO Purposes

We also thought we can run better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns with 'Wonderful Cebu' compared to 'Cebuano Tourist'. While we already rank well on search engines for some keywords and have above average scores in Alexa and Moz, we believe there is still room for improvement and rebranding to become the Wonderful Cebu blog will help us to this end.

Wonderful Cebu Blog
Alexa ranking as of 9 September 2015

Blog Level Up

The rebranding is also an indication that the blog will be more active in promoting Cebu. It's authors will also be more serious about blogging and look to write more regularly. As a first few steps, the blog is entered in Cebu Blogging Community's 30-day blog posting challenge this October 2015, purchased a new domain name, and overhauled the blog's template with a free theme from Sora Templates.

Wonderful Cebu Blog
CBC 30-day blog posting challenge

We aim to do more to improve this blog so stay tuned for more updates!

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Carlo Andrew Olano said...

Keep it is down to 2365. ;) Maybe by the end of the challenge you are at less than 500 na.

Romeo Nicolas Bonsocan said...

Hi, Thads! It's great to know that you have rebranded your blog into Wonder Cebu! Indeed, it's a wonder place to live! :) Enjoy and to more happy experiences ahead!

Regards from :)

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

I hope so! I'm keeping myself motivated throughout this challenge.

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

Cebu is truly a wonderful place to live in. And I hope readers of my blog get to enjoy it as much as I am.