Wonderful Cebu Joins CBC 30-Day Blogging Challenge

While Wonderful Cebu came up short in its own 30-day blogging challenge in September 2015, it is again taking part in a 30-day blogging challenge from October 1 to 30, 2015. While September's 30-day blogging challenge was only personally-motivated, the blogging challenge this October will be different in that it will have an extrinsic push as it is being organized by the Cebu Blogging Community, Cebu's fastest-growing community of bloggers.

Cebu Blogging Community
Cebu Blogging Community

30-day Blogging Challenge Rules

The rules for the CBC 30-day blog posting challenge in October 2015 are as follows:
  1. Participating blogger must make a daily post on the blog registered for the challenge.
  2. There is a 250-word minimum for the daily blog post.
  3. The hashtags #iBlogforCBC, #CBCLevelUp, and #CBC30DayChallenge must be included at the end of each entry post.
  4. Links to the daily blog posts entered for the challenge must be posted on the CBC Facebook group. Links posted must be published on the respective date it is entered for the challenge.
  5. Only blogs with a positive tone are accepted for the challenge. Rant posts are disqualified.
  6. Sponsored posts and post-event posts from CBC events are valid entries.


Bloggers who finish the 30-day blog posting challenge will get a Golden Badge and bragging rights for completing the CBC-sponsored challenge. The first blogger to post his or her entry on the 30th day of the blogging challenge will get a surprise prize.

Participating Bloggers

As of 21 September 2015, 8 active members of the Cebu Blogging Community has signed up for the 30-day blogging challenge and they are:

  1. Yours truly, Thaddeau "Thadz" Engaling II of Wonderful Cebu
  2. Carlo Andrew Olano of Kalami Cebu
  3. Romeo Nicolas Bonsucan of Zup Rome
  4. Channel Marie Imperial of Channel Marie
  5. Rose Angelie Lapina of Mommy Wanders
  6. Melanie Dianne Aquino Manso of Fueled by Caffeine
  7. Melton John "Emjae" Argallon of Emjae Fotos
  8. Richard Rene Bunalos of Just Richie: Musings of a Cebuano

#iBlogforCBC #CBCLevelUp #CBC30DayChallenge


Bjornson Bernales said...

Thank you sir for this post,

Looking forward to more of your posts up to the 30th day.

Thaddeau II Engaling said...

Thank you for initiating the challenge and I hope to be motivated for the entire 30 days.