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It is the 30th day of October 2015, and it is the final day of the 30-day blog posting challenge organized by the Cebu Blogging Community that the Wonderful Cebu blog joined. 30 days, and I have more than 30 posts published this month, the most I have ever done for any of my blogs in the span of one month. It was definitely an amazing ride the past 30 days. In this Day 30 post, I will be answering three (3) questions: Why do I blog? What is in blogging? What keeps me blogging? Answers to these three questions also specifies the vision and direction of the Wonderful Cebu blog.

30-day blog posting challenge

Why Do I Blog?

I blog to inform the world about the beauty of Cebu. It is my vision to make the Wonderful Cebu blog a reliable source of information about Cebu. The long term goal is to complete the directories of hotels and resorts in Cebu, bars, cafes, and restaurants in Cebu, transportation guide of Cebu, celebrations in Cebu, and places of interest and things to do in Cebu.

What is in blogging?

Blogging through Google's platform helps me towards achieving my vision for the Wonderful Cebu blog in a very cost-efficient and cost-effective manner blogging about Cebu without going beyond my means.

What Keeps me blogging? 

The fact that less than ten (10%) percent of all the directories I have created for the Wonderful Cebu blog are complete is fuel enough to motivate me to keep on blogging about Cebu. And for sure, Cebu's landscape will continue to change over the years and there will always be new things to blog about.


Several people, brands, and communities have been beneficial for the milestones and successes that the Wonderful Cebu blog has achieved this past month. I would like to thank them.

Cebu Blogging Community 

I would like to thank the Cebu Blogging Community for this past month's 30-day blog posting challenge. More than that, the events I attended that were coursed through CBC helped a lot in populating this blog with relevant posts.

Bjornson Bernales 

Thank you to Bjorn for gamely administering the 30-day blogging challenge. You motivated me to start this challenge and although I may have fallen short by a day because of technical issues in internet connectivity, I am still thankful for allowing me to participate in the challenge and create quality content over the past 30 days.

Game Masters 

Thank you to Carlo and Romeo for stepping up to the plate and creating parallel challenges for the other participants during the past 30 days. Your inputs added some spice into the challenge.

30-day Blog Posting Challenge Participants

I am also thanking the 30-day blogging participants, particularly those who have completed the 30-day challenge and earned the golden badge. Your determination to finish the challenge also motivated me enough to continue on each day.


Big thank you goes the way of Cebu Domain, Kalami Cebu, Channel Marie, Zuprome, Philippine Information Agency, and iNewMedia for partnering with CBC and making the 30-day blog posting challenge rock.

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