10 Popular Cebu Delicacies

Cebu as a tourist destination is not known only for its beaches, old world charm, festivals, and warm hospitality. Cebu is also an awesome treat for the foodie. Among the popular take home items for tourists are delicacies from Cebu that they take home as pasalubong. Here is a list of ten (10) Cebu delicacies that tourists often buy when they visit Cebu.

1. Otap from Cebu City

Sweet, crunchy, sugar-coated biscuits. Otap is a popular pasalubong item for tourists visiting Cebu. This delicacy made a name for Shamrock, but this is now available in other brands as well.

Popular delicacies in Cebu Philippines

2. Dried Mangoes from Guadalupe, Cebu City

Another popular delicacy from Cebu is the dried mangoes. Dried mangoes actually started an industry of drying fruits and packaging them to sell in the tourist market. Dried mangoes has come a very long way, and is now also available in chocolate-dipped flavors. This delicacy is so popular, it is even processed for export.

Popular delicacies in Cebu Philippines
Dried mangoes

3. Masareal from Mandaue City

One of my favorite delicacies in Cebu is the masareal from Mandaue City. It does look like a soap bar, but this delicious treat made of sugar and ground peanuts is heavenly.

4. Rosquillos from Lilo-an

Lilo-an's delicacy pride is the rosquillos, a cookie shaped like a doughnut with edges like that of flower petals. Titay's is the pioneer in the rosquillos business, a home enterprise that started in 1907.

5. Danggit from Bantayan Island

Showcasing the bounty of the sea, Bantayan Island is famous for it's dried danggit available in salted and unsalted versions. Also try the dried pusit while you are at it. Balikbayan friends and family on vacation from the United States make sure they bring some back abroad.

6. Chicharon from Carcar City

Dried pork rind that is dip-fried is one of many Carcar City delicacies. It's called chicharon and you can choose to dip it in vinegar or ketchup for more flavor.

7. Ampao from Carcar City

Another Carcar City favorite is the ampao, a type of crunchy rice cake that tastes sweet.

8. Torta from Argao

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Argao's torta delicacy is made with tuba, a type of coconut wine. It has it's own festival, and tagline too which reads "Magkabahaw, magkalami"! The phrase literally means the torta tastes better as it ages.

9. Bibingka from Asturias or Mandaue City

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My kins from the United States always make sure that when they are on vacation in the Philippines, they have to bring back bibingka from either Mandaue or Asturias. While the legendary bingka sa dawa from Asturias can be rarely found now, these rice cakes that my relatives crave for mixes the pilit with some condensed milk which explains the sought after flavor.

10. Lechon

When in Cebu? Lechon! Of course! There's lechon from Talisay City, Carcar City, Lilo-an, Guadalupe. Each with it's own distinct flavor. So popular is the lechon from Cebu that people from Manila and elsewhere actually pay for air freight charges just to have lechon from Cebu. Ayer's Lechon. Rico's Lechon, and Zubuchon has made a living out of this demand. Other popular lechon brands in Cebu are CnT Lechon, Celia's Lechon, Alejo's Lechon, and House of Lechon.