Pasta Overload at Dong Juan

After the first ever Cebu Blogging Community members' orientation program at the Global Hub Serviced Offices, I went with a few other Cebu Blogging Community Leads to Ridges along F. Cabahug Street in Kasambagan, Cebu City, Philippines. Before we went for some recreation at Watever KTV, the gang decided to have lunch at Dong Juan. We took advantage of their Everyday Pasta promo which runs until November 15, 2015. Present during lunch were CBC partnership lead and co-founder Bjornson Bernales of Bjorn Bernales and Bjorn Cebuano, CBC social media manager Channel Marie "Shanky" Imperial of Channel Marie, food bloggers lead representative Carlo Andrew "Caloy" Olano of Why Cebu and Kalami Cebu, photo bloggers lead representative Meliton John "Emjae" Argallon of Emjae Fotos, fashion bloggers lead representative Katherine Annika Cutar of Nested Thoughts, her beau Ramzy Magbitang of Ramzy Rizzle, and yours truly.

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 Pasta and Pizza Overload

We ordered four (4) different kinds of pasta. Dong Juan's Everyday Pasta promo allowed us to pay for only the two (2) more expensive pasta dishes and we got the two (2) cheaper pasta dishes for free. We ordered Gambas Al Ajillo Pasta, Pacific Pasta, Cebu Native Chorizo Pasta, and Linguini Carbonara Pasta. All the pasta dishes came with a slice of garlic bread. For pizza, we ordered Dong Juan's Cheeze and and Garlic Pizza. We also ordered the Happy Drink for our beverage.

Gambas al Ajillo Pasta 

Dong Juan's version of the Gambas al ajillo not only features a pasta in pesto sauce with shrimps. It also comes with bonito shavings. The CBC bloggers marveled at how these bonito flakes kept moving for quite a while when the dish was served.

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Pacific Pasta 

The Pacific Pasta is a red sauce pasta dish that features seafood. I tasted shrimp, fish, and squid in the pasta dish.

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Cebu Native Chorizo Pasta 

Pasta with a local Cebuano flavor? Try Dong Juan's Cebu Native Chorizo Pasta, a pasta dish in marinara sauce with an abundant mix of Cebu's chorizo.

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Linguini Carbonara Pasta 

Linguini pasta in carbonara sauce with bits of ham, bacon, and loads of cheese.

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Dong Juan's Cheeze and Garlic Pizza

Cheeze and garlic pizza that can be had with regular dough or oregano flavored dough. It also has olives.

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