Noh Eul Korean Restaurant: Unlimited Samgyeopsal in Cebu

Prominently advertised on the billboards outside the Northgate Center in Banilad is Noh Eul Korean Restaurant's unlimited samgyeopsal offer. Me and my brother happened to pass by the area one November afternoon and did not pass up the chance to try the offer.

Unlimited Samgyeopsal at Noh Eul Korean Restaurant

You can have unlimited samgyeopsal at Noh Eul for only PhP 250 per person. It also comes with unlimited sides. However, it does not come with rice and drinks. Rice and drinks will have to be ordered separately. 

Unlimited samgyeopsal at Noh Eul Korean Restaurant
Unlimited samgyeopsal

Samgyeopsal is a popular Korean dish consisting of thick and fatty pork belly slices usually served as an evening meal and grilled at the diners' table. In the Philippines, samgyeopsal slices are not too thick and is served in bacon-thin slices. Most Korean restaurants that serve this dish make use of butane stoves with a grilling plate on top of it where the meat can be cooked. 

Grilling the meat at Noh Eul Korean Restaurant
Grilling the meat

When we went to Noh Eul, it seemed like my brother did all the grilling while I did most of the eating. Ha-ha.


The unlimited samgyeopsal comes with six sides that are also refillable. The six sides that come with the unlimited samgyeopsal are Chinese pechay leaves, kimchi, pickled eggplant, pickled Korean vegetables, fish cakes, and tofu. The unlimited samgyeopsal also came with a saucer filled with green chili pepper, onions, garlic and a mixture of salt, pepper, and oil as well as some thick soybean paste.

Unlimited sides at Noh Eul Korean Restaurant

Chinese Pechay Leaves 

In most Korean restaurants, grilled meat like samgyeopsal or bulgogi are wrapped like a sandwich in lettuce leaves. In other Korean restaurants, they use cabbage instead of lettuce. At Noh Eul, they substitute the lettuce with Chinese pechay leaves.


Noh Eul is a Korean Restaurant and kimchi is a staple in Korean cuisine. One has to have kimchi when dining in a Korean restaurant. Kimchi comes with the unlimited samgyeopsal in Noh Eul.

Pickled Eggplant and Pickled Korean Vegetables 

Another two sides served was pickled eggplants and pickled Korean vegetables. They wouldn't tell us though which kind of specific Korean vegetable. The waiting staff didn't know as well as the owners only tells them that it's Korean vegetables.

Fish Cakes and Tofu

They also served us some fish cakes. It was mixed in egg and fried. I'm not sure if it was totally fish though, it could have some meat in it as well. I'm also not quite sure about the tofu. It does look like tofu but it tastes more like tempura. I forgot to ask the waitstaff too. 

Location and Contact Information

Noh Eul Korean Restaurant is located at the mezzanine floor of the Northgate Center right in between the Banilad Campus of the University of Cebu and the PDI Condominium and across Gaisano Countrymall. They may be reached through telephone number +6332 261 0390.

Have you tried the samgyeopsal at Noh Eul Korean Restaurant in Cebu City? We'd love to hear about your experiences. You may share them in the comments below.