Kamampay Public Beach in Cordova, Cebu, Philippines

Cebu is known for its white sand beaches. Not all beaches in Cebu, however, are of the fine grain, white sand variety. Cordova's Kamampay Public Beach is one such example. 

Picturesque Kamampay Beach

Unlike most beaches in Cebu, you don't come to Kamampay Public Beach to enjoy bathing in the water. You don't come to marvel at it's white sands. The limestone coast at Kamampay Beach means that the waters are kind of murky. Mud is formed from limestone soaked in seawater. You come to Kamampay Public Beach to enjoy the vista of the rocky beach scenery. You also enjoy the sight of mangroves seen on the horizon off its coast.

Kamampay Public Beach
Kamampay Public Beach

According to a poster at Kamampay Beach, it has it's own value. The value of the place is economic, social, aesthetic, and socio-cultural. The economic value is because it provides for livelihood of the residents. Tourism potential accounts for the socio-cultural value. As a place where locals gather, it has social value. Being a tourist spot being promoted, the local government is banking on it's uncommon aesthetic.

Buagsong: Bakasi Capital of Cordova

The barangay of Buagsong is one of two barangays considered as the eel or bakasi capital of Cordova. The other one is barangay Day-as. A common livelihood of the residents of barangay Buagsong is gathering eels. There is a small port for bancas of fisherfolk who live in the village. These catch are then sold to restaurants or carenderias that serve up dishes of eel recipes. The most popular eel recipes are nilarang na bakasi and piniritong bakasi. One popular restaurant that serve up these dishes is Lantaw Native Restaurant. Lantaw has a branch at the boardwalk in barangay Day-as. Many of the stores along Kamampay Public Beach serve these dishes as well.

Fishermen's boats at Kamampay Public Beach
Fishermen's boats
For a deeper cultural experience, you can ask the locals to show you their ways. You can ask them to show you how the eels are caught, slaughtered, seasoned, and cooked.

Visit Kamampay Public Beach and try a different cultural experience. You may share your experiences with us in the comments section below.