Wasted Chef: Unlimited Shawarma, Burger, Pizza, and Pasta

Are you a fan of Mediterranean cuisine, Greek food, and Italian favorites? Wasted Chef Restaurant just opened up along Gorordo Avenue across the Asilo dela Milagrosa Church in Cebu City. The house specialties are the Greek pita burger, shawarma, a couple of pasta dishes, and a couple more pizza varieties.

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Wasted Chef

Wasted Chef is owned by Powerspoonz band's resident drummer Ian Sekong and his skater boy friends. Wasted Chef was not their original plan. They would have wanted to open a seafood buffet restaurant. When they were still looking for a suitable location for their project, the space across the Asilo dela Milagrosa became available. It was in the same business complex where Ian's Azul Tuslob Buwa venture was also located. It was however not suitable for a seafood buffet place. So they tweaked their plans and came up with the concept of offering a buffet for Mediterranean, Greek, and Italian food. This was also something new in Cebu.

Wasted Chef
Wasted Chef

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Ian and his partners personally run Wasted Chef. They prepare the dough, wraps, buns, patties, and pasta. They do waiter chores and clean up the place. Heck, they even do marketing and all else that needs to be done. With this, guests can only be assured of the highest quality service and delicious food.


It's true there are just too many pizza joints in Cebu City already. But when you are looking for pizza with a crunchy, good smelling dough, the pizza selections at Wasted Chef may just pleasantly surprise you. Try their tomato sauce pizza and their pesto pizza.

Tomato sauce pizza at Wasted Chef
Tomato sauce pizza
More pizza at wasted chef
More pizza


Pesto pasta and Filipino-style pasta is also served at Wasted Chef. I say it's worth a try.

Filipino-style pasta at Wasted Chef
Filipino style pasta

Pesto pasta at Wasted Chef
Pesto pasta


One of my friends say the shawarma at Wasted Chef is one of the best he's ever had in Cebu. He says it gives him his money's worth. It is imperative that when you are at Wasted Chef, you must try their shawarma or gyros. It's only PhP 60 too, very affordable.

Greek Pita Burgers

The Greek burgers at Wasted Chef utilizes pita bread as bun and arranged in the following order: pita bun, Greek sauce, lettuce, pure beef patty, cucumber slices, red onions sliced as rings, tomato slices, barbecue sauce and the other half of the pita bun. You may add in the hot sauce if you want your burger spicy.

Greek pita burgers at Wasted Chef
Greek pita burgers

Trust me, this burger is truly filling. That should come as no surprise as their patty has no extenders. It's really just plain pure ground beef. Selling at PhP 80, this one is my personal favorite.

All You Can Eat Pizza, Pasta, Burgers, and Shawarma

Do you want to try all the Wasted Chef specialties at once? I mean who wouldn't. If you are like me, head down to Wasted Chef at 6 p.m. daily and enjoy their signature dishes at a very affordable all you can eat price of PhP 250 only. This daily offer is good from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. As it is, this is probably one of the cheapest dinner buffet one can come across in Cebu. For PhP 250, you get to enjoy unlimited shawarma, pita burgers, pasta, and pizza. And if you come with two other friends, you also get bottomless iced tea.

Location and Contact Information

Wasted Chef is located along Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City. It is right across the historic Asilo dela Milagrosa church and is in the same compound as its sister restaurant Azul. They may be reached through mobile number +63 922 831 1858. You may also connect with them through the Wasted Chef Facebook fan page.

Head to Wasted Chef now and give them a try. Let us know about your experiences in the comments section below.


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I'm going to try this with my best friend. I hope I can get my money's worth.