Paddling The Length of The Western Cebu Mainland: Not For The Faint Of Heart

Many of us set new year's resolutions at the turn of every year. But for Buzzy Budlong of Island Buzz Philippines, each new year signifies creating a new challenge for himself. Buzzy, whose passion is in paddle sports, has a new challenge for him to hurdle this January 2016. His personal challenge? Paddle the distance between the northern part of the Cebu mainland to the southernmost part of the island in an expedition dubbed as F5 Cebu Paddle Expedition: One Paddler's Thousandfold Adventure.

Cebu Paddle Expedition

Who Is Buzzy?

Buzzy Budlong started to develop his love for paddling at the tender age of seven (7). He was introduced to kayaking through Baruto Paddlers in 1998. In 2002, he started his own kayak adventure tours business, Island Buzz Philippines, whose mission was to make Cebu the paddling capital of the Philippines. Island Buzz Philippines makes the handcrafted Alcyone paddleboards. Buzzy went on a kayaking expedition in 2009, paddling 3,025 kilometers in 88 days from Saranggani in Mindanao to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte in the northern end of the Luzon mainland. The only Filipino to do the feat, Buzzy was then accompanied by Singaporean adventurer Khoo Swee Chiow. Last year, he organized the first extreme SUP (Stand Up Paddling) from Camotes to Mactan and the 1st Lapu-lapu Paddlers' Quest paddle race.

Buzzy Budlong
Buzzy Budlong

F5 Cebu Paddle Expedition: One Paddler's Thousandfold Adventure

The Formula 5 Cebu Paddle Expedition involves Buzzy paddling the length of the western coast of the Cebu mainland from the northern town of Daanbantayan and to the southern end at Lilo-an, Santander. The journey will cover five (5) days from January 19-23, 2016 involving five (5) different watercrafts with five (5) stopovers along the way. The five (5) stopovers will be at San Remigio, Asturias, Aloguinsan, Moalboal, and the end point in Lilo-an, Santander.

Buzzy and his Island Buzz crew is embarking on this expedition for a myriad of reasons, including the following:

  • Through this expedition, they wish to explore and promote unexplored waterways and the local lifestyle along the Cebu coast of the Tañon Strait.
  • Through the expedition, they wish to continue their advocacy of promoting Cebu as the paddling capital of the Philippines and promote the different kinds of watercrafts.
  • Through the expedition, they wish to highlight to locals how paddle sports can promote fitness, tourism, and environmental preservation. They will do this through the clinics they will be conducting during the five day journey.
  • Through the expedition, they wish to advocate for the inclusion of paddle sports in the Physical Education curriculum particularly in schools in the coastal areas or near the waterways.
  • Through the expedition, they wish to gain more supporters in their advocacy and their drive to get people become more comfortable in the water and have fun paddling specially in an island province like Cebu with all its 168 islands and in the Philippine archipelago which has 7,641 islands.  

Day 1: Daanbantayan to San Remigio 

The journey starts on January 19, 2016 at the Skip's Beach Resort in Maya, Daanbantayan town and the first leg of the journey will take Buzzy on a 40 kilometer voyage from Daanbantayan to Mancao Point in San Remigio town paddling on an Alcyone SUP Tikarol 14'. He will spend the night at the San Remigio Beach Club.

Day 2: San Remigio to Asturias

On the second day, Buzzy shall paddle an #Epic Surfski View 10Lsport for 50 kilometers from San Remigio to Tubigmanok in Asturias where he will camp out for the night. The surfski is probably the fastest among the five (5) watercraft that will be used for the expedition.

Day 3: Asturias to Aloguinsan

Aboard an Outrigger Canoe 1-Polynesian Canoe on the 3rd day of the journey, Buzzy shall paddle a distance of 60 kilometers from Asturias to the Boho River in Aloguinsan town where he will again camp out for the night.

Day 4: Aloguinsan to Moalboal

The penultimate leg of the journey will feature Buzzy sailing and paddling on a Sea Kayak 17' for 40 kilometers from Aloguinsan to Basdako (Saavedra) in Moalboal where he will spend the night at the Hale Manna Beach Resort and Coastal Gardens.

Day 5: Moalboal to Santander

The last leg of the journey will see Buzzy sailing and paddling on a Baruto Bigiw 18' from Moalboal to the Eden Resort in Lilo-an, Santander where a post-expedition party will be held. This will be the longest leg of the journey, covering 70 kilometers. Buzzy also admits this could be the trickiest and most challenging part of his adventure as he will be paddling and sailing a watercraft that he is not too familiar with, a modified baruto bigiw which is a popular watercraft utilized by local fisherfolk.

Parallel Activities

In the duration of the expedition, paddling and sailing clinics will be done for locals at several points in the journey. Clinics will be done by the Island Buzz crew at Daanbantayan on January 19, Asturias on January 20, at Balamban, Toledo City, and Aloguinsan on January 21, at Dumanjug and Barili on January 22, and at Moalboal and Badian on January 23. Locals and tourists alike are encouraged to participate in the activities.

Support The Expedition 

Be involved in the expedition and support the journey. You can do this by getting involved in the land-based clinics in the duration of the five day journey. One can also join the post-expedition party in Santander. To help generate funds for the journey, purchase the expedition shirts for only PhP 500 at the Island Buzz Philippines booth at the  #Foodish in Ayala Center Cebu until January 17, 2015. You may also invite your friends to do the same. I am closely monitoring this expedition as I may get a lot of insights from it to apply for the team building programs and events that I facilitate or organize in Cebu.

Cebu Paddle Expedition
Expedition Shirt

Several brands have also lent their support to the expedition. They are Island Buzz Philippines, Frontgate Restaurant, Alcyone Stand Up Paddleboards, Epic Kayaks, R.O.X. (Recreational Outdoor Exchange), Eden Resort, Hale Manna Beach Resort and Coastal Gardens, and San Remigio Beach Club.

Connect With Buzzy and the Crew

Island Buzz Philippines
The Island Buzz crew

Connect with Buzzy and his crew in Facebook at the Island Buzz Cebu Paddler Facebook group , like the Island Buzz Philippines Facebook fan page  or add Buzzy as a friend on Facebook. You may also send them a message through electronic mail at