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Many people have associated scuba diving to an expensive hobby. While scuba diving may indeed be an expensive hobby and equipment-intensive activity, there are ways to enjoy it by not spending too much money. This past weekend, I spent some time at Malapascua Island trying to learn basic scuba diving skills. We were introduced to a dive package for scuba diving "virgins" at Divelink Cebu. It was an all-in beginner package they like to call the Barely Wet Weekend. For starters, it's not even just available on weekends. It's just that it is best for long weekends.

Scuba Diving 

Scuba is an abbreviation for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus and scuba diving is underwater diving using this apparatus. Basic dive gear include a compressed air tank, buoyancy control device, regulators, fins, and scuba mask.

Divelink Cebu 

Divelink Cebu is the first Filipino-owned all local dive shop in Malapascua Island. Situated right on Logon Beach, it is the first commercial establishment that greets you upon arrival on Malapascua Island. A PADI-certified dive resort, Divelink Cebu is involved not only in diver certification. They are also engaged in various advocacy efforts focused on conservation. They are heavily involved with Migo sa Iho (Daanbantayan Bantay Dagat Task Force), Project Sharklink, Save Philippine Seas, Thresher Shark Research and Conservation Project, and Green Fins. Based on my experience, I would say the dive instructors, dive masters, and dive guides at Divelink Cebu are one of the most patient lot I have ever come across. I am generally uncomfortable around water but they made me feel secure and safe around them.

Divelink Cebu
Divelink Cebu

In Malapascua, Divelink Cebu is a well-respected corporate citizen. In the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan), the dive shop closed for two months to give way to relief and recovery efforts. They ran a highly successful work-for-materials scheme. Affected island residents helped out in clearing operations and other tasks to restore normalcy in the island. They did this in exchange for materials to help them rebuild their homes and basic necessities such as food, water, diapers and the like.

Recently, Divelink Cebu was one in declaring support to Migo sa Iho Daanbantayan Bantay Dagat Task Force. Seven task force members were charged with slight illegal detention for apprehending two commercial fishing boats off Kinatarcan Island. 

Malapascua Island 

Malapascua Island is an island off the northern coast of Cebu. It is part of the municipality of Daanbantayan, the northernmost town of Cebu province. While many people compare Malapascua with Boracay, it is more of a dive destination than a beach paradise. Beautiful Guimbitayan Beach is also situated on the island however. Dive destinations abound around Malapascua Island: Los Bamboos, Monad Shoal, Quimod Shoal, Dakit-dakit, Evo Reef, Coral Gardens, Japanese Ship Wreck, Lapus-lapus, Maria's Point, Big Rock, North Point, Deep Rock, Quillano, Twin Islet, Deep Slope, Ka Osting, Divelink House Reef, Chocolate Island, Doña Marilyn Wreck, Gato Island, and Kalanggaman Islet.

Aside from the various dive sites around the island, other attractions at Malapascua Island are Logon Beach, Bounty Beach, Guimbitayan Beach, the Virgen de los Desamparados chapel, watching the sunset on the beach, and the island's lighthouse. Malapascua Island is also a good jump off point for those who wish to go to Leyte's famous Kalanggaman islet and sandbar.

Barely Wet Weekend

Perfect for long weekends, the Barely Wet Weekend is a dive and stay package designed for scuba diving "virgins" or those who have no experience with scuba diving. 


The Barely Wet Weekend dive and stay package comes with the following inclusions:
  • 2 nights stay at the Thresher Shack, a dormitory type accommodation shared with other guests. You get your own bed and access to a balcony with a great view of Logon Beach, locker, reading lamp, and desk fan. The Thresher Shack is right on the Divelink Cebu property on Logon Beach. One night stay at the shack is priced at PhP 600 per person. This part of the package has a PhP 1,200 value.
Thresher Shack at Divelink Cebu
Thresher Shack

  • 1 Discovery Scuba Diving (DSD) valued at PhP 3,500 per person. This is a quick way to introduce scuba diving to newbies. It is basic training on how to use diving gear and equipment such as the buoyancy control device (BCD), scuba mask, fins, regulator, dive gauges, and tanks. Training also includes the basic skills of breathing underwater through the regulator, mask clearing, reading the gauges, basic hand signals, and regulator recovery as well as entering and exiting the water. 
  • 2 Fun Dives valued at PhP 1,500 per person for each dive. That's a total value of PhP 3,000. 
  • A PADI DSD Certificate for completing the Barely Wet Weekend. Should one decide to pursue the PADI Open Water Diver (Level 1) Certification within one year from the experience, you will be required one less dive to complete the certification. 
  • Should you decide to pursue your certification at Divelink Cebu right during the same period you availed of the Barely Wet Weekend package, this translates to savings of another PhP 3,500.

Package Cost

The cost of the Barely Wet Weekend package starts at PhP 5,000 per person for a pair. The cost goes down to PhP 4,800 per person for a group of four. It is at PhP 4,600 per person for a group of six. You get to enjoy of up to a PhP 10,200 value at bargain prices. That's more than a 50% discount for you.


What the Barely Wet Weekend package from Divelink Cebu does not include are the following:
  • Round trip transfers from Metro Cebu to Malapascua Island. Transfers from Mactan Cebu International Airport, seaport, or at any point in Metro Cebu to Malapascua Island and vice versa are not covered in the price for the Barely Wet Weekend package. For those who have not been to Malapascua Island and wish to go there on public transportation, they can ride a bus bound for Maya Port in Daanbantayan town. Bus fare is around PhP 180 per person one way. From Maya Port, ride a pumpboat bound for Malapascua Island. Boat fare is PhP 100 per person one way. When one gets to Malapascua, they may need to get on a smaller boat or a skiff to get to shore from the bigger boat. This will cost an extra PhP 20 per person. Divelink Cebu is right on Logon Beach, a few meters walk from the shoreline.

Pump boat from Maya Wharf to Logon Beach
Pumpboat at Maya Wharf

a skiff to take you from the pump boat to shore

As an alternative, Divelink  Cebu  can also  arrange  transfers for guests at a cost of PhP 3,500 one way per van. Each van can accommodate at most ten people seated comfortably.
  • Meals. Divelink Cebu does not have its own food and beverage section or restaurant. Guests will have to spend for their own meals. They can explore some of the restaurants in the island. Malapascua Island is not an expensive place to dine. There are many restaurants that offer affordable meals. Ging-ging's Restaurant is among the more popular ones. For a more fancy meal, Angelina Pizzeria is also a popular choice. Both restaurants are within short walking distance from Divelink Cebu.
A giant pizza at Angelina's
Pizza from Angelina Pizzeria

  • Documentation. You will have to provide for your own camera to document your first diving experience. It is best to bring a reliable underwater camera to capture memories of your first scuba diving experience.
  • Insurances. Make sure that you have adequate insurance cover. While it is not a requirement, it is best to arrange your medical, accident, and life insurances. Well, not only during your first scuba diving experience but while you are still young and able. Premium rates usually become more expensive as you grow older. 

How To Avail of the Barely Wet Weekend Package

To know more about the Barely Wet Weekend package and to access instructions how to avail of the package, please CLICK HERE.

Have you availed of the Barely Wet Weekend Package from Divelink Cebu? We want to know how it went. You may share your experience in the comments section below.