What To Enjoy at Choobi Choobi Restaurant

Choobi Choobi Restaurant has a Korean-sounding name. They actually serve more Filipino dishes on its menu. It's house specialties are grilled meat and seafood dishes.

According to their website Choobi choobi is derived from a Fookien word that means "to enjoy". It is from that foreign word that the restaurant got it's tagline: "lingaw-lingaw kaon". One Thursday night on February 2016, we dropped by the Choobi Choobi branch at the SM Seaside City to have dinner.

Choobi Choobi Restaurant
Choobi Choobi Restaurant

What We Ordered For Dinner at Choobi Choobi Restaurant

For appetizers, we ordered shrimp tempura and baked scallops. The menu indicated Patrick Star's Baked Scallops as one of the house specialties.

Baked Scallops

In my opinion, I think it tasted more of burnt cheese and butter. One order cost PhP 165 with about ten pieces. My top places for best scallops in Cebu are still the ones from House of Lechon and STK ta Bay!

Patrick Star's baked scallops at Choobi Choobi Restaurant
Patrick Star baked scallops

Shrimp Tempura

Their tempura though can rival some of the best tempura I have come across in Cebu. And it's a good bargain at PhP 175 for about six pieces.

Shrimp tempura at Choobi Choobi Restaurant
Shrimp tempura

Stuffed Grilled Squid

For the main course, we ordered medium Stuffed Grilled Squid priced at PhP 195. I got curious since the menu read "Try and see what's inside". So what was inside? Steamed rice. Blah! So much with the disappointment of seeing just steamed rice as stuffing, the grilled squid was actually pretty good. Most probably they used some teriyaki sauce or sweet Worcestershire sauce on the basting. We usually abhor sesame seeds on our food. But we didn't even notice until we reviewed the photos we took that this one had sesame seeds on it.

Stuffed grilled squid at Choobi Choobi Restaurant
Stuffed grilled squid

Lechon Kawali

The other food item we ordered was lechon kawali. This was a disappointment. The crisp on the rind was right but the meat was hard and not juicy at all. They probably deep fried the meat straight from the freezer and did not boil the pork in water. The sweet blend soy sauce that came with it somehow made things better.

Lechon kawali at Choobi Choobi Restaurant
Lechon kawali

House Blend Iced Tea

I usually don't comment about the drinks. But their house blend iced tea pitcher at is worth mentioning because at 2 liters and only PhP 135, it's such a good bargain. And this is good iced tea too.

Other Dishes Worth Trying

The menu identifies Stan's Fried Black Pepper Shrimp and Lola Pepang's Fried Manok as the chef's specialties. I haven't tried both dishes. It's on my list the next time I visit the restaurant. Another item on the menu that I tried and liked was the Shrimp in a Bag. It comes in different flavors or sauces. My favorites are the Whole Choobang, Spicy Gata, and Butter Garlic. Other flavors include Sauteed in Garlic, Choobi Sauce, and Salted Egg Shrimp.

Branches in Cebu

  1. Sm Seaside City
  2. SM City Cebu
  3. Robinsons Galleria Cebu
  4. Robinsons Cybergate Cebu
  5. Parkmall in Mandaue City (Telephone Number: +63 32 422 8686)
  6. Mabolo (Telephone Number: +63 32 414 3762)
  7. Capitol Site (Telephone Number: +63 32 412 2341)
  8. Mactan Newtown in Lapulapu City
  9. Pueblo Verde in Lapulapu City
You may call +63 32 405 6010 for delivery.

To follow them on social media and online, you may visit the following links:

Official Website: Choobi Choobi Restaurant
Instagram: @choobichoobi

Have you eaten at any of this restaurant's branches? We'd love to hear your experience. You may tell us in the comments section below.