Thadz To Attend DigitalPro Bootcamp For Professional Bloggers

For me, blogging started as a hobby. Blogs were the media where I dump my thoughts. Some of my blogs were about my attempts at writing poems, some were about articles I wrote related to psychology, self-awareness and self-development, leadership, and related topics. Mostly though, my blogs chronicled my travels around the Philippines. Later on, I realized that I can use blogs to promote my business and so I started to use it to promote my training services focused on providing team building facilitation services to organizations in Cebu. I also jumped on the bandwagon of monetizing blogs and earned a decent sum from it as well. This was in the earlier days of my blogging when search algorithms were still simple and easy to manipulate with.

I somehow took a hiatus from blogging a few years back, frustrated that the money I was earning from it was not enough to cover for the hours I spent writing articles, optimizing my blogs, and promoting them on social media. I only maintained my business blog and on a whim, I erased all my articles on one of my major travel blog. Part of the frustration was that I probably also got frustrated that I was doing it all alone. Everything I learned about blogging was self-taught, scouring the internet for free information, experimenting methods of optimization and social media promotion, and joining loose Yahoo groups and Facebook groups about blogging.

In 2013, my interest in blogging more outside of my usual business articles was again piqued. Then again, it was mainly because I needed to create backlinks to my business blog and website. So I revived my Cebuano Tourist Blog and created the Around the Philippines Blog. Later on, I would rebrand the Cebuano Tourist Blog to become the Wonderful Cebu Blog.

CBC Membership

By pure happenstance, I stumbled upon the Cebu Blogging Community (CBC) Facebook group sometime in the first quarter of 2014. I have had links to other blogging organizations in the past but did not feel that I belonged. It was totally different for CBC. I felt at home the moment I connected. I did not feel intimidated that I am less skilled in many aspects of blogging. But at the same time, I felt that I have something I can contribute as well. Cliche as it may sound, this was a match made in blogging heaven.

digitalpro bootcamp in Cebu Philippines

DigitalPro Bootcamp for Professional Bloggers 2016

Fast forward to my CBC membership's first anniversary, I will soon be joining the DigitalPro Bootcamp for Professional Bloggers organized by eStrat Media for Cebu Blogging Community, a 10-hour blogging session and workshop that will train bloggers to turn their blogs into an online brand for business and advocacy. The bootcamp is made possible by Globe Prepaid and sessions will be done at the Global Hub Executive Suites at the 12th floor of the Keppel Building in Cebu Business Park. Sessions will be done on 5 February 2016, 12 February 2016, and 19 February 2016. Topics to be covered are "The Psyche of a Professional Blogger", "From Amateur to Influential Blogger", "The Professional Blogger Lifestyle", and "Sustainable Blogging Lifestyle". A graduation ceremony will also be done on 25 February 2016 at a venue that is yet to be announced.

digitalpro bootcamp in Cebu Philippines
DigitalPro Bootcamp