Drawn to Daanbantayan

Except for diving around Malapascua Island, northern Cebu's Daanbantayan is rarely mentioned in tourist conversations in this Central Visayas province. There is no lack of beautiful places to explore in Daanbantayan, but there seems to be very little promotion of the town's tourism initiatives. I was just so glad to help on this part. I do remember publishing an article on this blog about how to get free stays in Daanbantayan featuring two resorts that offer them in Daanbantayan. I am now taking that a notch higher as I took on two (2) opportunities that will allow me to take a closer look at this northernmost town of Cebu province and write articles that promote its tourism potential. This is timely as I will also be able to witness for myself how things are now three (3) years after typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) has badly damaged this town. 

Malapascua Island 

From 7-9 February 2016, I will be going on a scuba trip to Malapascua Island with Exotic Philippines blogger Gay Aida Dumaguing. Divelink Cebu will facilitate our discovery scuba diving and fun dive as we get firsthand experience of their Barely Wet Weekend Package. While in Malapascua Island, we will be billeted at the Thresher Shack, a 7-bed dormitory along Logon Beach and right at the Divelink Cebu property. During this dive trip, we will also be exposed to the work that Migo sa Iho is doing to help preserve the shark species from illegal fishing and other human-initiated threats to its continued existence.

Virgin Beach Resort

On 12-13 March 2016, I will again return to the northern town as a guest of Virgin Beach Resort (VBR). The resort is owned by my good friend Ron Perry who is based in Tulare, California, USA. I met Ron way back in 2008 when I was a part of a group he hosted for a familiarization tour of VBR. The group was composed mainly of travel agents while I was invited in my capacity as an events organizer focusing on team building programs. 

Virgin Beach Resort took a blow from typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) and they have acknowledged that while they have put up a good effort at rebuilding, business has never been the same yet prior to the super typhoon. Yet they have remained positive that they will be able to fully recover in the next few months. I'd be more than happy to help them promote Virgin Beach Resort to tourists visiting northern Cebu using my online influence as a travel blogger, an online community leader, and a social media influencer.

Skip's Beach Resort

I once featured Skip's Beach Resort as one of the places to stay for free in Daanbantayan as they have what they claim to be the biggest free camping ground in Southeast Asia. While I sadly note that my good friend Skip is already deceased, I still plan to drop by and stay at the camping grounds for a night. Maybe, I'll do just that right after I check out of my visit at Virgin Beach Resort.

I'm excited to take on these trips very soon. Do keep posted as I chronicle my experiences in this blog soon.