Globe MyFi, A Helpful Gadget While I Moved Around Cebu

One of the gadgets that were handed to us during the start of the DigitalPro Bootcamp for Professional Bloggers at the Global Hub Executive Offices at the 12th Floor of the Keppel Building in Cebu Business Park was the Globe Myfi, a Huawei E5330 wi-fi gadget powered by Globe Tattoo and can support up to a total of ten (10) connections. A week after using the gadget, I am dedicating a blog post about my personal experience. I am not a very technical person so bear with me as this will focus more on user experience than technical stuff.

Globe Myfi wifi internet service powered by Tattoo in the Philippines
Globe MyFi powered by Globe Tattoo

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Setting Up The Globe Tattoo MyFi Gadget 

The Globe Tattoo MyFi gadget came along with a guide booklet. Generally, the instructions should be understandable to the layman. I would admit that I did have a few issues upon set-up of the device. But with common sense, searching some tips online, getting help from friends who were online during the time of set-up, and going over the guide booklet a few times, I was able to resolve all issues I came across. It's just something we probably experience when we are using a new device and just needs some getting used to.

#MyGlobeExperience with the Globe Tattoo MyFi

Since I cut my subscription for a home internet service some years ago, I have been dependent on public wi-fi signals and tethering on my mobile phone's internet subscription. I used to subscribe to Globe's UnliSurf 999 since it has always given me a seamless experience. All I had to do was register on the first day and enjoy using it for the next thirty (30) days. 

The Globe Tattoo MyFi that were given to the bootcamp participants was pre-loaded and pre-subscribed to GoSurf 999. GoSurf 999 comes with 5 gigabytes of consumable mobile internet and 400 megabytes of Spotify Premium.


So far, I have been satisfied with internet connectivity from the Globe MyFi device. Signal strength varies from WCDMA, HDSPA, and HSPA+ based on my experience. From my personal research, I am enjoying 3G at the least or minimum speeds of 384 kbps. When I was in Malapascua Island in northern Cebu during the early part of February, signal strength on my Globe MyFi was HSPA+ which indicates that I was using 4G with speeds up to 21 mbps. I was able to share the connection with at least three other people and I did not feel any drastic change in my connectivity. Some locals did mention that there was LTE signal on Malapascua Island although that connection never registered on the device. Connecting at speeds of 42 mbps would have been nice. Although the device was 4G-capable, it may not yet be LTE-capable hence the limitation.

Since mobile internet use is subject to Globe's fair use policy, I have not yet experienced data capping one week into using the GoSurf 999 subscription. From the past when I was still subscribed to UnliSurf 999, I experience data capping when I stream a lot of videos on Youtube and downloading a lot of files and apps. Other usual activities I do online doesn't eat much on the bandwidth allocation such posting on and browsing social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, using the Grab application, checking bank accounts online, checking e-mails on Yahoomail and Gmail, backing up photos on Photobucket, chatting on Facebook Messenger, creating photo collages on Layout, and surfing the internet. One of my friends also mentioned that he uses GoSurf 499 for all the things I usually do and he does not even consume his bandwidth allocation within one month. I definitely reconsidering my choices after he said that.

It's also a good thing that subscription to Globe Prepaid's surf promos also comes along with Free Facebook and Viber. I am a heavy Facebook user and also use Viber quite a lot so having these freebies not counting against the bandwidth allocation is just wonderful.

Spotify Premium

It took me more than a week to activate my Spotify Premium account. Set-up was easy. What I did was visit the Frequently Asked Questions page of Globe's GoSurf + Spotify plans and promos online portal and followed the instructions on how to access Spotify Premium. No issues encountered and I enjoyed my favorite Bob Marley songs on-demand and ad-free just a few minutes later.

Globe: My Personal Choice on Prepaid Internet

While I do use another network for communicating, my personal choice for mobile internet has always been Globe Prepaid long before I enrolled in the DigitalPro Bootcamp for Professional bloggers and given a Globe MyFi pocket wifi device. I have tried the prepaid internet service from all three major networks available in the Philippines and so far nothing beats Globe's service. This is not to say that I had no issues with it, but that compared to the other networks, I do have a lot less of stress dealing with non-connectivity. If I remember right, I've probably only called their helpline twice for problems relating to connectivity. This means that their service can still be improved and while I'm one happy subscriber as of today, it wouldn't hurt to experience faster internet speeds specially in a country (the Philippines) with a huge internet penetration yet notoriously slow connection speeds.