Find the Best Places to Eat With Kalami Cebu

The gastronomic culture of Cebu is a world worth discovering. It has its own deeply-rooted traditions such as the interesting history of humba. The local culinary culture also has its share of foreign influences such as the world-renowned lechon. In these modern times and the era of globalization and glocalization, Cebuanos have maintained their own local culinary traditions. Yet they are also welcoming restaurant brands not only around the Philippines but also from all around the world. 

One way to explore this wonderful world of the Cebuano food scene is to log on to Cebu's top food blog, the Kalami Cebu blog. The blog is authored by rainmaker and Cebu's leading food blogger Carlo Andrew Olano. Carlo or Caloy is the community lead for food blogging at the Cebu Blogging Community. He blogs to help people find the best places to eat in this part of the Philippines. The Kalami Cebu blog is one of Cebu's best food blogs. It is a very reliable reference for restaurants in this Central Visayas province.

Kalami Cebu blogger Carlo
Carlo Andrew Olano of Kalami Cebu blog

It is the aim of the this blog to help its readers learn about places of interest and things to do in Cebu. One of the sections of this blog is dedicated to dining in Cebu. The page is a work in progress directory of bars, cafes, and restaurants found all around the province. Having the Kalami Cebu blog is a helpful reference not only for me as a blog author. It is also helpful for this blog's readers who are particularly interested in finding places to dine and exploring what kinds of food to try while they are in Cebu. So to you foodies out there who are in Cebu or who are planning to visit, it is but right to bookmark the Kalami Cebu blog for your reference.