Pepper Lunch: Enjoy Best-selling Teriyaki Beef Pepper Rice

A promotional poster outside the Pepper Lunch diner caught my attention while I was walking at the rooftop garden area of Ayala Center Cebu one day. It was mid-morning. And I was looking for some new place to eat. So I decided I'll try this thing. This wasn't my first time to really eat at Pepper Lunch as I visited their old spot near the Active Zone a couple of times before. Wait, that was Sizzlin' Pepper Plate and not Pepper Lunch. But the latter one's so eerily familiar with the former.

Pepper Lunch: A Japanese Diner

I do not quite remember that Pepper Lunch was a Japanese restaurant. How pleasantly surprised I was when I heard the familiar "Irashaimase" greeting customary in most Japanese restaurants. If you know me, you know I am a sucker for Japanese food. No hot towels though. This one is more of a fast food type joint. Instead of waiters taking your orders, you come up to the counter and place your orders. There weren't too many people in the diner. Except for a young couple and an old guy quietly eating in their respective tables and an old woman who ordered some to go food.

Pepper Lunch
Pepper Lunch

Best Selling Dish at Pepper Lunch

As a first timer, I did not know what to order so I asked for some suggestions from the cashier. She offered teriyaki beef pepper rice saying it was their best seller. She also asked if I wanted curry dishes, steak, pasta, or chicken. Since I figured from their name that the house specialty should be pepper rice meals, I went with her first suggestion and ordered the best selling teriyaki beef pepper rice with egg. 

Teriyaki beef pepper rice at Pepper Lunch
Teriyaki beef pepper rice

The order came in a sizzling plate with the beef still raw on one side. After mixing the rice, beef, and egg, I had the option to enhance the flavors with some condiments on my table: honey brown sauce and garlic steak sauce. I loved that honey brown sauce on my beef.

The item that caught my attention on the promotional poster while walking outside the store was the "bonus meal". I asked about this and I was told that for an additional amount of only PhP 66, I get a drink, and a choice of a side dish or dessert.

Bonus meal at Pepper Lunch
Bonus meal?

I got iced tea for my drink and korumitsu or caramel ice cream for dessert. The ice cream was, well, vanilla ice cream and caramel. The bonus meal wasn't really a meal but more of drink and side dish or drink and dessert.

caramel ice cream at Pepper Lunch
Korumitsu ice cream

Have you tried the deals at Pepper Lunch? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Truly an amazing place. I have been there several times and always had a wonderful experience. I love visiting such venues with my friends. It’s our favorite activity as every one of us are foodie and love visiting new places.

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