Chix Savour: Chinoy Restaurant

Most Chinese restaurants in Cebu and the Philippines are either dimsum places, fast foods joints, or high end restaurants. Only recently have I come across a Chinese restaurant that caters to the working class. Well, it's not totally a Chinese restaurant. They serve a mix of Chinese dishes and Filipino favorites. Therefore, Chix Savour can be more aptly be referred to as a Chinoy restaurant.

Chix Savour Restaurant

Chix Savour started with students in mind and now is looking at expanding their market to target the working class, most of which are the call center agents or those working in the business processing industry at the nearby Asiatown I.T. Park in barangay Apas, Cebu City. I recently ate at the place with the #CBCFoodies, the food bloggers who are members of the Cebu Blogging Community, one of the more active blogging organizations in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.

As starter, we were served some meatballs congee, tofulicious, and siomai. All these dishes paved the way for an amazing lunch. The tofulicious dish is a star. This was pleasantly different from all the tofu dishes I tried at other restaurants. Chix Savour's tofu has more crunch and tastes fresher as this is prepared in store.

Meatballs congee and tofu at Chix Savour Restaurant
Meatballs congee and tofulicious

Chix Savour's fried whole chicken was the dish that started it all. This chicken dish is real juicy and it comes with a tasty gravy as well.

Fried whole chicken at Chix Savour Restaurant
Fried whole chicken

If the whole chicken is too much for you, you can always order the Chix Sarap meal which serves a quarter of the fried chicken with rice, gravy, and some shrimp crackers.

Quarter chicken meal at Chix Savour Restaurant
Chix sarap meal

My personal favorite was the crispy kangkong, breaded spinach that is deep fried to give it enough crisp. It is perfectly paired with a mayo-ketchup dip.

Crispy kangkong at Chix Savour Restaurant
Crispy kangkong

Another dish that tickled my taste buds was the Big Brother Belly, grilled marinated pork belly which also happens to be the favorite of Ms. Annrea Sy-Almario, one of the owners of Chix Savour.

Big brother belly at Chix Savour Restaurant
Big brother belly

Some of the bloggers liked the rice toppings. We were served two kinds: lengua asado and pork asado.

Pork asado rice toppings at Chix Savour Restaurant
Pork asado rice toppings

Lengua asado rice toppings at Chix Savour Restaurant
Lengua asado rice toppings

After the meal, we were served some buchi. The buchi at Chix Savour is unique. Instead of a plain peanut butter filling, they add in some chocolate into the mix.

Sesame balls at Chix Savour Restaurant

Location and Contact Information

Street Address: Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City (across Metrobank)
Mobile Number: 0932 850 8771
Operating Hours: 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Have you tried dining at Chix Savour Restaurant? We'd like to know about your experience. You may share them in the comments section below.