7 Events Best Held at Virgin Beach Resort in Daanbantayan

Cebu has long been known to be a beach destination. While the more popular beach resorts are those located in Mactan Island, there is actually a lot more to that that Cebu can offer in terms of beautiful beaches. Northern Cebu has its share of own beautiful beach places. The relatively quiet town of Daanbantayan has quite a few places worth checking out. Malapascua island is the more popular of these beach destinations in this town. But there are a few others on the part of town that is on mainland Cebu. I happened to stumble upon one of these beach resorts in one of my vacation trips in northern Cebu.

Virgin Beach Resort 

Virgin Beach Resort is a quaint, family-owned, and family-oriented resort in Sitio Suba, barangay Malbago, Daanbantayan. I stayed 1 night at the resort recently last 12-13 March 2016. Judging from my night's stay at the resort, here are 7 events that can best be held at this American-owned beach resort in northern Cebu:

Virgin Beach Resort
Virgin Beach Resort

1. Team Building Programs

Cebu Teambuilding Services identifies Virgin Beach Resort as among the affordable and conducive places to conduct team building programs at in northern Cebu. They have a good size function room and lots of open spaces to have team building activities on.

The function room at Virgin Beach Resort
Function room

2. Family Bonding

Spend some quality time with your family at Virgin Beach Resort. Have fun with your kids at the swimming pool. Eat a hearty meal together as a family at the Orchid Bar and Restaurant. Watch some feel good movies. Play some sports. Or just plainly be contented in the company of your family.

3. Solo Time

Visit Virgin Beach Resort for some me time. Read good books. Enjoy a relaxing massage. Commune with nature. Enjoy the breeze all to yourself at Virgin Beach Resort.

Enjoying Virgin Beach Resort
All by myself at Virgin Beach Resort

4. Reviewing for the Board Exams

When studying for an important exam such as the board exams, you would want to be in a place where it is quiet and where there is a lot less influence from the outside world. The location of Virgin Beach Resort is perfect for this. There are also some motivational and inspirational books in their collections that will surely boost the morale and spirit of reviewers.

Book collection at Virgin Beach Resort
Book collection

5. Camping

Those who want to go camping at a safe and secure site in northern Cebu will find Virgin Beach Resort to be a good place. There are spaces by the sea where campers can pitch a tent. Two tents are also available for rent. Or campers can always bring their own tent. The fee is only PhP 300 per night for the use of the camping grounds. That already comes with a free breakfast at the Orchid Bar and Restaurant.

6. Retreat or Recollection

Virgin Beach Resort is also a nice place to hold retreats and recollections for groups of different sizes. Virgin Beach Resort is a perfect place for soul-searching because it is a quiet place. It is an ideal spot for self-reflection and meditation. Or to simply just filter out the noise when you have big and important life decisions to make. It also helps that there are good self-help books in their collection.

7. Romantic Date

While there is no romantic sunset to watch at Virgin Beach Resort, the privacy that the resort provides makes it an awesome place for a romantic date. Lovers would definitely have quality time with each other when they stay at Virgin Beach Resort.

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Have you been to Virgin Beach Resort? We'd like to know your thoughts about it. You may share them in the comments section below.