Cebu and Siquijor to Host 7th Visayan Longboarding Trilogy

Thrilling news to fans of the extreme sports fan in the Visayas!

The Visayan Longboarding Trilogy is now at its 7th year, and is currently running the blazing fourteen-day race in Siquijor and Cebu. Participated by over a hundred local and International skaters, The VLT remains to be the largest and the longest running longboard skating competition in all of Asia. In association with International Downhill Federation and the advocates of the extreme sport in the local Visayan community, they’re looking to hold one eventful and unforgettable competition.

Cebu Longboarding Culture

Like most extreme sports performed in the streets, the culture of skating here in Cebu is often generalized by the public as a shenanigan done by mischievous teenagers who knows nothing better than to skip classes and circle at parks to flirt with physical injury and bad company. These skaters, who mostly come in groups from diverse classes and families, are often seen wheeling on top of oversized skateboards outside the streets and sometimes pass you at the side of the road, speeding into downhill tracks. No doubt, longboard skaters are playing a dangerous game. They resemble the bohemian youths who show rebellion against mainstream society by libertine acts of extreme skating. But are they all just adolescent daredevils who didn’t know what they’re doing?

A group of friends came together and decided on the contrary…

The Organizers of the 7th VLT

Ipus, one of the organizers of the event, said during the press conference for the 7th Longboarding Trilogy that happened in the KOA Tree House in Kamputhaw, Cebu City, Philippines last 2 April 2016, that it all started with Juan Duazo. An advocate of the extreme sports, Juan called on his friends Ipus, Yuka, and Dandoy Tongo to define the meaning and purpose of longboard skating. “An extreme sport, so it is dangerous and, true, the skills are yet to be defined,” states Ipus. “But longboarding is also globally recognized as a sport that brings people together in the spirit of discovery, seeing new places, creating lasting friendships, and most of all fun.”

7th Visayan Longboarding Trilogy press conference in Cebu City, Philippines
7th Visayan Longboarding Trilogy press conference in Cebu City, Philippines

The Visayan Longboarding Trilogy was founded in aim of introducing, or re-introducing, the longboarding culture to the mainstream society as a sport. “Dili kay duwa-duwa ra,” as Ipus said during the press conference.  

Aside from inspiring camaraderie and brotherhood among fellow skaters, the VLT also aspires to uphold the value of eco-tourism, helping the local communities by calling in public attention, cleaning the local areas, and participating in the community’s micro-economy.

The 7th Visayan Longboarding Trilogy & International Downhill Federation Race Qualifier

With the Trilogy followed by the Philippine Extreme Sports Scoring System (PXSSS), fans can now enjoy real time update of the scores and results of the on-going race.

1st Leg: The Mystical Island Freeride and Traditional Race – Siquijor

April 5 – 7. Two days of downhill and 14 kilometers of pushrace in Siquijor. Here is where the traditional race is run. An offspring of “Sikad Siquijor,” the race has now sprouted to an international event luring riders from all over the world.

2nd Leg: Super Mango Skate Clinic – Oslob

April 10 – 12.  More like a workshop than an actual race. The Mango Skate Clinic in Oslob will be facilitated by champion pro downhill skater Patrick Switzer. Riders will be instructed through three main modules:
1.       Riding Skills
2.       First Aid and Safety Awareness, and
3.       How to be an Ambassador of your Community

3rd Leg – Veggie Hill Downhill Race – Carcar City

April 15 – 17. This leg will hold the famous IDF qualifier. The International Downhill Federation (IDF), formed in 2012 is an unbiased and democratic organization for the downhill skateboarding sports and luge racing. The IDF World Qualifying Series is a race circuit wherein downhill skateboarders and luge athletes join IDF-organized races all over the world and accumulate points for the World Ranking. The Veggie Hill Downhill Race in Carcar will serve as the 3rd time in a row where Cebu is lucky to host the series.

Visayan Longboarding Trilogy in Cebu and Siquijor, Philippines

The Epitome

Once we will have shared in the advocacy of the the VLT, which Juan Duazo tagged as “The epitome of the Philippine longboarding scene. An experience that defines the spirit of longboarding in this side of the world,” we as people may reeducate ourselves and see the skateboarding culture as something different than the gossip in the streets, and instead see longboarding as merely a sport inspired by the beauty of skating and a more meaningful, vigorous life.

Note: This is a guest post by Nathaniel John Arong, a team development consultant of Cebu Teambuilding Services who is also engaged as a team leader in one of the travel service BPO's in Cebu.


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