All-Star Chicken Meal at Bonchon Chicken in Cebu City, Philippines

Bonchon Chicken which currently has three (3) branches in Cebu City, Philippines offers Team Bonchon All-atar meals good for groups of two (2) to four (4) persons. I recently visited the Bonchon Chicken branch at SM Seaside City. Other branches are at SM City Cebu and at Ayala Center Cebu. With my brother Nathan, we ordered an all-star meal, the Team Bonchon All-star Chicken Meal. Other Team Bonchon All-star meals available are the Bulgogi All-star Meal, the Chicken Fries All-star Meal, and the Sandwich All-star Meal. All of these costs PhP 399 each.

Bonchon Chicken
Bonchon Chicken

Team Bonchon All-Star Chicken Meal

We ordered the Team Bonchon All-Star Chicken meal at the Bonchon Chicken branch in SM Seaside City Cebu. This cost us PhP 399 and has a serving size that is good for two (2) to three (3) persons. The meal consists of a small serving of fried chicken wings with a flavor or glaze of our choice, a bowl of chapchae Korean glass noodles, three (3) cups of rice, and three (3) glasses of our choice of drink. They also added in a complimentary apple crepé dessert as part of a marketing promotion they were running at that time.

All-star chicken meal from Bonchon Chicken
Team Bonchon All-star Chicken Meal at Bonchon Chicken: small serving of honey citrus flavored chicken wings, bowl of Chapchae Korean glass noodles, 3 cups of rice, 3 glasses of iced tea, and a complimentary apple crepe dessert

Fried Chicken Wings With Honey Citrus Glaze

The All-star Chicken meal has a small chicken wings plate as it's main dish, about five (5) fried chicken wing slices. We did get to choose our flavor and settled for the honey citrus glaze as we were in the mood for a sweet blend during that visit. Other available glaze or flavors are soy garlic and spicy. We weren't in the mood for a spicy treat at that time and soy garlic seemed to just sound like it has too much sodium on it, never mind if I am a big garlic eater.

Chicken wings with honey citrus flavor from Bonchon Chicken
Honey citrus flavored chicken wings at Bonchon Chicken

Chapchae Korean Glass Noodles 

Chapchae is Korean glass noodles made from sweet potato stir fried in sesame oil along with some vegetables and small meat slices, flavored with soy sauce and with sugar added as sweetener. Reminds me of my favorite Japanese shirataki noodles on the sukiyaki dish.

Chapchae Korean glass noodles from Bonchon Chicken
Chapchae Korean glass noodles at Bonchon Chicken

Rice and Drinks 

The rice serving at Bonchon Chicken is larger than the normal servings in other restaurants. We are big rice eaters anyway and had to order an extra cup. For our drink, we had iced tea. For those who want soft drinks or soda, that is available too.

Complimentary Apple Crepé Dessert

As part of a marketing promotion that Bonchon Chicken was running at the time of our visit, we got a complimentary apple crepé as a free dessert treat for the meal that we ordered. It was a good one, just think of a huge baked or fried dough with sweet and delicious apple filling inside with some real apple chunks, drizzled with some brown sugar and sprinkled with sweet apple sauce. I am not a big eater of the apple fruit but this one tasted really good, it made me eat those apple chunks.

Apple crepe at Bonchon Chicken
Complimentary apple crepé dessert with real apple chunks from Bonchon Chicken