Da Bang Cafe: A Taste of Korea in Cebu City, Philippines

Da Bang Cafe is a Korean-inspired cafe that will have its grand opening on 7 May 2016. The cafe is located along Junquera Street in Cebu City. It's near Cebu Business Hotel, Palm Grass Hotel, and Super Metro Colon.

At first glance, it looks like a small and humble café until you find out that it has a bookworms' nook on its second floor and a cozy hideout on its third level.

Da Bang Korean Cafe
Da Bang Korean Cafe

Bookworms' nook at Da Bang Cafe
Bookworms' nook

Prior to its grand launch, I went with my blogger friends from the Cebu Blogging Community to sample what Da Bang Korean Cafe had to offer.

Fruit Teas and Milk Teas

Da Bang Korean Cafe mainly serves iced fruit teas, milk teas, and coffee milk teas. I ordered the cookies and cream milktealicious. The other bloggers in our group ordered blueberry fruitealicious, vanilla milktealicious, winter milktealicious, melon milktealicious, and choco java milktealicious. All these drinks came with pearl jellies in it. 

milk teas and biscuits at Da Bang Cafe
Milk tea and biscuits

It was a new experience having pearls in a cookies in cream drink for me. All of us also tried the iced Korean milk coffee which had very strong coffee flavors although I did not feel the caffeine kick in after a cup.

Great Food at Da Bang Café in Cebu City, Philippines

My friends and I sampled two f the menu items at Da Bang Korean Cafe: kimbap and fried chicken.


Kimbap is the Korean version of Japanese rolls only bigger. The kimbap set at Da Bang Korean Cafe sells at PhP 100 and comes with a complimentary iced tea drink. It has a rich filling of scrambled eggs, carrots, cucumber, scallions, luncheon meat, and other vegetables.

kimbap at Da Bang Cafe

Fried Chicken

At first glance, the fried chicken at Da Bang Korean Cafe looks just like an ordinary fried chicken. But take a step further and explore its flavors. One of the first few things you will notice is the aromatic flavors on the chicken's meat. The Korean-inspired sauce is also a star. A little spicy and heavy on tomato taste, it compliments the aroma and rich flavors of the chicken. One order sells at PhP 130.

Fried chicken at Da Bang Cafe
Fried chicken

Have you tried the food at Da Bang Korean Cafe? How was it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.