Ice Cream Bars at Butterbean Desserts Cafe

Are you a fan of ice cream bars? There's a place in Cebu City that allows you to customize your own ice cream bars. The place is called Butterbean Desserts Cafe. They have a store along N. Escario Street right beside Surfin' Ribs. They also have a kiosk at Ayala Center Cebu.

Ice Cream Bars at Butterbean Desserts Cafe

Ordering your ice cream bar at Butterbean Desserts Cafe is easy. The 5 steps are:

  • Choose the shape and size of your ice cream bar.
  • Choose your flavor.
  • Choose your coating.
  • Choose your toppings.
  • Choose your drizzle.

Choose Your Shape and Size

Ice cream bars are either rectangular, heart-shaped, or shaped like a smiley. They can come in petite or regular size. We chose two regular rectangular bars. 

Choose Your Flavors 

Available flavors are: vanilla, chocolate, green tea, or chocolate. I chose vanilla flavor. My brother chose the chocolate flavor. A regular vanilla ice cream bar costs PhP 110. Other flavors are priced at PhP 120. Petite vanilla ice cream bars can be bought at PhP 75. Other flavors are pegged at PhP 85.

Choose Your Coating

Choosing your chocolate coating comes after deciding on the bar shape, size, and flavors. You can choose between white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, strawberry, and Oreo choco dip. The Oreo choco dip commands an additional PhP 10 charge. I chose the dark chocolate coating. My brother went for the white chocolate coating. 

Choose Your Toppings 

After getting the ice cream bar coated, we get to choose three toppings. I had Oreo, walnuts, and cashew. My brother had candy cane sprinkles, chocolate chips, and Oreo for his version. Other available toppings are sea salt, cheese, almonds, peanuts, M & m's, marshmallows, and dried mangoes.

toppings at Butterbean Cafe

Choose Your Drizzle

The last step for your ice cream bar creation is to choose the drizzle. Choices are the same as those available for the coating. I chose Oreo choco dip. That meant I had to pay an extra PhP 10. My brother had dark chocolate for his drizzle.

ice cream bar at Butterbean Cafe
My brother's ice cream bar creation

ice cream bar at Butterbean Cafe
My ice cream bar creation

Did you like what you just read? Here's the information for Butterbean Desserts Cafe:

Facebook Page: Butterbean Desserts Cafe
Website: Butterbean Desserts Cafe

Escario Branch

G&A Building Escario corner Tojong Streets, Cebu City
Telephone Number: +63 32 401 2710

Ayala Branch 

3rd Floor, Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu City (Besides McDonald's)

SM Seaside Branch

Upper Ground Floor, City Wing, SM Seaside City, Cebu City

Have you tried creating your own ice cream bar at Butterbean Desserts Cafe? We'd like to take a look at them. You may share them in the comments below.