Traffic Solutions for Cebu: Obey Traffic Laws (Part 3 of 8)

When all road users obey traffic laws, the traffic situation will definitely improve. Pedestrians, motor vehicle operators, public utility transport operators, cyclists, and all others should obey traffic laws if we were to help ease out the traffic congestion in Cebu, Philippines.

Obey Traffic Laws 

Obey Traffic Laws for Motorists

Most of the traffic congestion in Cebu is due to the fact that motorists do not always obey traffic laws. The more common traffic law violations are stopping on non-designated stops, illegal parking, slow vehicles running on the fast lane, filtering (specially motorcycles driven on the sidewalks), disregard for the pedestrian crosswalks, and counter flowing.

Obey Traffic Laws for Pedestrians

Pedestrians who do not obey traffic laws also contribute to the traffic congestion problem in Cebu. The more common traffic law violations of pedestrians in Cebu are not using the designated crosswalks and riding on and alighting from public transportation in non-designated stops. While putting themselves on harm's way, pedestrians who do not follow traffic laws also affect the vehicular traffic situation as vehicles will have to stop for them even in places where they are not supposed to. It is a sad thing to note that pedestrians do not obey traffic rules because it is more convenient for them. Many pedestrians do not care about using the roads in a safer manner and disregard the effect they have on the traffic situation. Pedestrian safety and education needs to be implemented.

Enforce Traffic Laws

One of the reasons why pedestrians and motorists do not obey traffic laws is the lack of enforcement of traffic laws in Cebu. I do remember that enforcement was much stricter in the past. Jaywalkers were apprehended more frequently and even made to attend a seminar, a sight I no longer see now. Motorists had more discipline in the past when they were apprehended for traffic violations. Today, many motorists do not obey traffic laws because they know that there are no consequences. Another challenge is that many of the traffic law enforcers are corruptible and many motorists who are apprehended for traffic violations often try to bribe them to try and get away with their traffic offenses.