Sex Tourism in Cebu: Understanding Forms of Prostitution

Cebu is a popular tourist destination in the Philippines. While there are many wholesome activities for tourists to enjoy, one cannot just deny the fact that some tourists are coming to town not just to enjoy beaches, natural wonders, cultural heritage, history, and food.

More than these, some tourists go beyond the usual tourist spots to satisfy their carnal desires. In this article we shall explore commercial sex tourism in Cebu and in what forms they exist. Please note that we do not support the idea of sex tourism in Cebu thriving. We cannot also just turn a blind eye to the reality that is happening before us. 

Sex Tourism in Cebu: Street Hookers 

Traditionally, street hookers in Cebu are at Junquera Street, Sanciangko Street,  and D. Jakosalem Street at Barangay Kamagayan. Pimps at this place are referred to by locals as itik (ducks). They chase down cars they deem to be potential customers. An emerging place for street hookers is Juana OsmeƱa Street near Vacation Hotel. Several girls at this area solicit for guests with cars slowing down or stopping in the area. Some malls are also rumored to be pick-up places where independent hookers ply their trade, mostly to foreign clients. There are also rumors that prostitution incidents increase whenever major exams are forthcoming in major colleges. Some students turn to it so they can pay for their school fees. Some do it to maintain a materialistic lifestyle that is otherwise beyond their means. Street-level prostitution is probably the most common form of sex tourism in Cebu.

Sex Tourism in Cebu: Spa and Massage Parlors

Several spa and massage parlors in Metro Cebu are not just what it seems. Some offer services other than a simple massage. To some, the massage is but a front for what really happens. In one establishment, you go up to the front desk and pay up, they show you a selection of lady masseuses to choose from, and whisk you off to some motel. When you get to your motel room with your masseuse of choice, they ask you to undress as they too undress themselves. They then give the customer a mandatory bath before starting on the massage. It's not just an ordinary kind of massage though like what you were told. The massage involves the naked lady masseuse doing a "massage" on you using her naked body against your naked body. She uses her butt, her breasts, her thighs, and her hands to sensually stimulate you. At the end of the choreography, the lady masseuse then tries to seduce you to basically have sex with her for an extra amount. That amount could be somewhere upwards of PhP 2,000. You can probably say that spa and massage parlors are the most common fronts for sex tourism in Cebu.

Sex Tourism in Cebu: Gentlemen's Clubs and KTV Bars

Gentlemen's clubs and KTV bars seem to also not go out of style. While the usual joint mostly have shows featuring scantily-clad women gyrating on stage, some places take it a little further with their entertainers going topless, fully naked, or even some do things close to masturbation on stage. Clubs in Bacolod City do more daring things though. But more than these shows are everything else happening beyond that. For starters, when a guest wishes to sit with an entertainer exclusively, he pays for ridiculously expensive ladies' drinks coming at an interval of about thirty minutes in between. Bar fines are also not a secret anymore, this is when you pay to take out an entertainer out of the bar while it is still in operation. Business hours is until the early hours of the morning or dawn. Most clubs close around 3 or 4 a.m. At this time, guest no longer has to deal with the bar should he decide to take out an entertainer. He only has to agree to terms with the entertainer herself. Popular clubs are found along Gen. Maxilom Avenue and Sanciangko Street in Cebu City. You can also find some along the national highway in Mandaue City. It's hardly a secret that places like these are places where sex tourism in Cebu thrives.

Sex Tourism in Cebu: Whorehouses

I have heard rumors of whorehouses operating in Metro Cebu. It is said that the location of these whorehouses or casas is common knowledge among cab drivers. Apparently, you need to know certain passwords or code speak to get them to take you there. This is probably the most clandestine operators of sex tourism in Cebu.

Sex Tourism in Cebu: The Internet

Commercial sex tourism in Cebu has also caught up with the times and uses cyberspace extensively. In fact one town in Cebu is notoriously known for illegal cyber-prostitution activities utilizing innocent children. Some tech-savvy hookers now also utilize cyberspace to manage their bookings and advertise themselves to potential customers visiting Cebu. They now go by different names like walkers or escorts. They offer intriguing services such as GFE or girlfriend experience. Pimps also still abound online. Sex tourism in Cebu has certainly caught up with the time. It too has evolved with technology.

Have you heard of other forms of sex tourism in Cebu? Let us know in the comments below.


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