The House of Lechon

The cosmopolitan city of Cebu in southern Philippines has an intriguing claim as the lechon capital of the world.

Within the central Visayas province itself, many towns and cities compete for the fame and recognition of having the best lechon rendition. One of these competing cities is Carcar in southernmost part of metro Cebu.

House of Lechon
House of Lechon

House of Lechon

The flavors of Carcar City's version of the lechon is now available in the heart of Cebu City. This can be had at the House of Lechon located at Acacia Street, Kamputhaw, Cebu City. It is along the same street as Kuya J Restaurant. Also in the vicinity are Golden Prince Hotel and Elizabeth Hotel.

Carcar Lechon 

Carcar's lechon variation counts on its sauce to enhance the roasted pig meat. If you have ever been to Carcar to buy lechon at their public market, you will notice how the vendors put in some more sauce into the roasted meat. Elsewhere in Cebu, this practice will be frowned upon as it takes away the crunch from the skin. By itself, the roasted pork meat is delicious and full of flavors and also goes well with the common Filipino sauce mix of soy sauce, vinegar, calamansi, and chillies. At House of Lechon, order by the kilo and it comes out cheaper than when ordering smaller portions. a quarter of a kilogram of the regular lechon costs PhP 200 while a kilo will only be at PhP 620. That's a total savings of PhP 180.

Carcar's rendition at the House of Lechon
Famous Carcar lechon

Baked Scallops

Prior to coming to the House of Lechon, I was pretty certain which restaurant in Cebu serves the most delicious baked scallops. That would have been Paolito's STK ta Bay! After trying the baked scallops at House of Lechon, that top spot on my list is no longer so sure. To put it safely, their baked scallops are certainly one of the top two in my list. I like the how the shell meat blends in well with the butter, cheese, garlic, and probably sweet honey. A serving costs PhP 200. It is a generous one counting fifteen pieces. This comes with a spoonful of atsara or pickled papaya too.

Cebu's best baked scallops at the House of Lechon
Baked scallops

Rice Platter

Our biggest surprise when we ate at House of Lechon was how big the serving is for their rice platter. The plain rice platter costs only PhP 110. A cup of plain rice is sold at PhP 35. But the rice platter serving is probably the cup of plain rice multiplied seven times.

Contact Information

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Telephone Number: +6332 231 0958
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